How to use the Windows 11 Task Manager.

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Windows 11: How to open Task Manager

Task Manager is an important tool in Windows 11, just like in previous versions of the operating system. You can use the Task Manager to end frozen programs, fix problems with the taskbar and desktop, disable annoying startup programs, and more.

Calling up Task Manager is often the last resort before manually shutting down and restarting a computer when it seems to be unresponsive at all.

The Task Manager in Windows 11 can be accessed in several ways. Which one is best for you depends on your specific situation.

When Windows 11 runs smoothly, using a hotkey to launch it is the most convenient option. If you are using a tablet without a keyboard, you may need to use another method to access the Task Manager. If the Windows 11 interface is no longer responsive, the Task Manager can usually be accessed through a small workaround.

Here are six different ways to launch Task Manager sorted by effort. If all other options did not help, you should try the last method.

You have 6 options when you open Windows 11 Task Manager.

Option 1: On a PC with a keyboard, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC at the same time is the fastest way to open Windows 11 Task Manager. You can use one of the following methods if you don’t have a keyboard.

Windows 11: Open Task Manager with Hotkey

Option 2: You can open the alternative start menu and task manager by right-clicking or pressing and holding the Windows icon on the taskbar. The key combination “WINDOWS + X” can also bring up the menu.

Windows 11: Open Task Manager using the ALT-X menu.

Option 3: You can create a desktop shortcut for Task Manager and then launch it with one click. To do this, open File Explorer and go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Tools, right-click the Task Manager icon and select Create Shortcut.

Windows 11: Open Task Manager with desktop icon

Option 4: The Task Manager in Windows 11 can also be accessed from the search bar. However, this method is not the fastest due to a small delay.

Windows 11: open task manager with search

Option 5: The Run dialog box, which can be opened with the WINDOWS+R keyboard shortcut, is the same. If the taskbar is not responding, you can still use it to launch the Windows 11 Task Manager by typing “LaunchTM” in the search box.

Windows 11: Open Task Manager using the Run dialog box.

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