Gold Deals: Xbox Specials Week 10/2022

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A new week of Gold Deals has begun, and now you can once again save on a range of Xbox specials.

From now on, you can once again put some games and extensions into your Microsoft Store virtual shopping cart at a discounted price. All Xbox One offerings (excluding Kinect games) and Xbox 360 games marked backward compatible (AK) can also be played on Xbox Series X|S. All Deals with Gold (DWG) offers require an active Xbox LIVE Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

As always, you can find a complete overview of all special offers every Tuesday at

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Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S – Gold – March 8-14, 2022

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Name New price € Savings
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance€23.99€6.00
Battle Brothers – Complete Edition€41.29€17.70
Blue flame€9.9910.0€
Borderlands: beautiful collection€9.99€30.00
Civilization VI – New Border Pass€19.99€20.00
Demon Hunter Pack€7.19€16.80
Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light€3.74€11.25
Infinite Fables: The Shadow Within€3.74€11.25
Far Cry 4€9.89€20.10
For Honor Complete Edition€24.99€75.00
FOR HONOR Standard Edition€7.49€22.50
golden power€9.99€10.00
Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S€7.19€4.80
I saw black clouds€9.74€3.25
Insurgency: Sandstorm€29.99€10.00
Complete Edition Iron Harvest€33.49€16.50
Just Dance 2022 Deluxe Edition€38.49€31.50
Kerbal Space Program Expanded Edition Completed€26.99€33.00
Wonderful travel set€8.99€27.00
Mayhem Brawler€13.99€6.00
NBA 2K22 Digital Multi-Generation Pack€25.49€59.50
Playgrounds NBA 2K 2€7.49€22.50
Okinawa Rush€9.99€10.00
World of Ollyolly€23.99€6.00
OlliOlli World Bike Edition€35.99€9.00
PGA TOUR 2K21€14.99€45.00
PGA TOUR 2K21 Shooting set€16.24€8.75
Rayman legends€7.49€22.50
RiMS Racing Xbox Series X|S€29.99€20.00
pull up€4.99€15.00
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Anthology€37.49€37.50
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Platinum Edition€14.99€35.00
SnowRunner Premium Edition€29.99€30.00
SnowRunner – Year 1 Pass€19.99€5.00
SnowRunner – Year 2 Pass€22.49€2.50
South Park – Broken But Whole – Gold Edition€23.99€56.00
Tales from the Borderlands€14.99€5.00
Tears of Avia€8.99€6.00
Tom Clancy The Division€7.49€22.50
Trackmania Turbo€7.49€22.50
Valiant Hearts: The Great War€4.49€10.50
Vampires: The Masquerade – New York Coterie€4.99€15.00
Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York€5.84€7.15
Watch Dogs 2 – Deluxe Edition€15.99€64.00
World War I game set€17.49€17.50
WWE 2K Battlegrounds€15.99€24.00
WWE 2K Battlegrounds – Ultimate Brawlers Pass€9.74€5.25
XCOM 2 Collection€4.49€85.50

Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S Spotlight Sale – March 8-14, 2022

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Name New price € Savings
Gummy life€13.99€6.00
Hole in the new world€1.99€8.00
high school graduation€5.99€24.00
Back 4 Blood€34.99€35.00
Back4Blood: Definitive Edition€65.99€44.00
Professional Fire Brigade – Simulation€4.49€25.50
bomber crew€2.99€17.00
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans€3.99€16.00
bus simulator€23.99€16.00
Bus Simulator 21€39.99€10.00
Bus Simulator 21 – Advanced Edition€43.99€11.00
cave digger€1.49€13.50
City of Brass€1.99€18.00
Down in Bermuda€1.99€18.00
drunk fist€3.99€4.00
Almost done: jump and run€0.99€9.00
gangs of beasts€7.99€12.00
gnome garden€2.49€2.50
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition€40.19€19.80
Battle arena of guilt€0.99€9.00
Halo 3: ODST€1.99€3.00
Hello – REACH€3.99€6.00
Halo Infinite (campaign)€55.99€14.00
Halo: The Master Chief Collection€15.99€23.99
Hard West Definitive Edition€1.99€18.00
Horse racing 2016€0.99€9.00
Mad Max€6.99€63.00
Mask of the Mists (Xbox Series X|S)€7.49€7.50
Metro 2033 Redux€3.99€16.00
Metro Exodus€7.49€22.50
Subway Saga Pack€17.99€42.00
Metro: Last Light Redux€3.99€16.00
Japanese marathon€1.94€11.05
The pig eats the ball€2.99€12.00
Prototype 2€11.99€28.00
Rare repeats€7.49€22.49
The new power of Realpolitik€2.49€22.50
red dead online€9.99€10.00
Red Dead Redemption 2€23.99€36.00
Red Dead Redemption 2: Story Mode€19.99€20.00
South Park: + Stick of Truth + Broken But Whole€23.09€46.90
Speed ​​limit€2.49€7.50
Book of Unwritten Tales 2€7.49€22.50
The Sinking City Xbox Series X|S Deluxe Edition€25.99€39.00
Think about the children€2.59€10.40
falling stone€2.99€17.00
Undead Horde€5.09€11.90
Under the Jolly Roger€11.69€6.30
Llama Furious Attack Apocalypse€2.99€12.00
wind landscape€2.99€17.00
Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+€2.59€10.40
Life of YouTubers – OMG Edition€10.49€19.50

Table of contents:

Notification: The list is not complete, will be updated with many more suggestions!

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