German Computer Game Award 2022: Chorus is the best German game

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All winners of the German Computer Game Award 2022 (Image: Quinke Networks)All winners of the German Computer Game Award 2022 (Image: Quinke Networks)

€800,000 in prize money has been distributed tonight: Deep Silver Fishlabs has won the grand prize of the German Computer Game Prize 2022.

Positive corona test ruined DCP premiere Co-moderator Catherine Bauerfeindwho was allowed to spend Thursday evening not in Munich’s Tonhalle, but in a hotel room, so artist and actor Uke Bosse had to participate in the two and a half hours of the awards ceremony in single mode.

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who was supposed to present the prize for the “best German studio”, was absent without good reason – he was replaced by the Minister of Digital Technologies Judith Gerlach (CSU).

Hamburg-based studio Deep Silver Fishlabs and publisher Koch Media received the prize for the best German game, as well as a check for 100,000 euros. How was the evening, read in our DCP ticker.

Best German Game (€100,000)
choir (Deep Silver Fishlabs/Koch Media)

Nominees (30,000 euros each):
End Zone: Underworld (Gentlymad Studios/Assemble Entertainment)
Lacuna (DigiTales Interactive / Assemble Entertainment)

Best Family Game (€40,000)
UMNO (Studio Inkifox)

Young Talent Award – Best Debut (€60,000)
white shadows (Monocle / Headup Games)

Nominees (€25,000 each)
Juggler’s tale (Kaleidoscube / Mixtvision Media Company)
Cleo: A Pirate’s Story (Christoph Schulz) Young Talent Award

Best Prototype (€50,000)
viblu (Peter Bartonik, Christian Walter, Ramona Raabe)

Nominees (25,000 euros each):
Delightfil (Felicitas Bremer)
Maki’s Adventure (Mateo Kovic, Eric Hartmann)
skuggor (Tobias Borns, Sebastian Krause, Julia Wolf / Trier University of Applied Sciences)
words (Ahmet Zahit Donmez / TH Cologne – Cologne Game Lab)

Top innovation and technology (€40,000)
warp drive (holocafe)

Best Game World and Aesthetics (€40,000)
Juggler’s tale (Kaleidoscube / Mixtvision Media Company)

Best Game Design (€40,000)
Kraken Academy!! (Happy Broccoli Games / Traveler)

Best Serious Game (€40,000)
EZRA (Landesverband Kinder- und Jugendfilm Berlin e.V.)

Best Mobile Game (€40,000)
Albion Online (Interactive sandbox)

Best Expert Game (€40,000)
Imagine Earth (Serious brothers)

Best Live Game (€40,000)
Hunting: Autopsy (Crytek/Koch Media)

Best International Game (undated)
Elden ring (From Software / Bandai Namco Entertainment, Germany)

Best International Multiplayer Game (undated)
She takes two (Hazelight Studios/Electronic Arts)

Player of the Year (undated)
Maximilian Knabe (aka Hand of Blood)

Studio of the Year (€50,000)
CipSoft (Regensburg)

Special Jury Prize (10,000 euros)
Games Jobs Germany

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