Community Day in April 2022 will bring new Pokémon and less time

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IN Pokémon GO Community Day will be held on April 23rd. Niantic has revealed the details of this event. New Pokémon and duration adjustment included. We at MeinMMO summarize everything important for you.

What does Community Day bring in April? The main highlight of the event is the new Pokémon Velursi from the seventh generation of the game, which celebrates its debut on this day. You can catch it in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you might even get it in shiny form.

In addition, there will again be special studies that can be bought for 1 euro. There are also some bonuses, including:

  • Triple experience per catch
  • Double chance to get XL Velursi Candy for capturing Velursi
  • Bait modules last for three hours.
  • The smoke lasts for three hours
  • Each exchange during the event costs 50% less Stardust.
  • During the event, you can make an additional special trade
  • Exclusive stickers when spinning PokéStops and opening Gifts
  • If Trainers catch enough Pokémon lured by a single Lure Pod, the experience points awarded for catching Pokémon near that PokéStop will increase from 3x to 4x for 30 minutes.

When does the event take place? The April Community Day will begin on Saturday, April 23 at 2:00 pm and will last for three hours. The event ends at 17:00.

Niantic is changing the duration of the event to pre-Corona. At the time, the event only lasted three hours, but was extended to 6 hours due to Corona measures. According to Niantic, only a few players were supposed to participate in the event for more than three hours, which is why there is such an adjustment.

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Velursi appears as a special Pokémon at the event.

What is this Pokemon? Velursi is a small, four-legged Generation 7 Pokémon. It has a Normal and Fighting types, and will learn an exclusive move during Community Day if you evolve it within two hours of the event. You need 400 candies to develop.

As Costurso, he then learns Charged Wither Slash Attack. Niantic writes:

Also new in Pokémon GO is Charged Attack Discharge, which can give Kosturso a special advantage in terms of defense!

Trainer fights: 20 damage and guaranteed to increase user defense
Arena and raid battles: 50 damage

What else does the event offer? In addition to bonuses and special research, you will also be able to buy an event box once in the store. It costs 850 PokéCoins and contains 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, 1 Top Instant TM and 1 Remote Raid Pass.

In addition, a free box with 30 Hyper Balls is available in the store.

What do you think of Community Day in April? Are you interested in the event? By the way, the date of the Community Day in May has already been determined:

Pokémon GO Community Days set for March, April and May

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