Cheap Samsung smartphone has become an absolute bestseller

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  • The best-selling smartphone in 2021 was the entry-level smartphone from Samsung.
  • But Apple is the most prominent in the top 10.

From a technical point of view, when it comes to smartphones, of course, I am most interested in top models, because (at least sometimes) the real innovations appear first. Thanks to manufacturers who give away test devices and long-term loans, I can take a closer look at them and use them in everyday life. From a personal standpoint, however, I’ve always been frugal (also because I didn’t have a huge budget as a student) and I just wanted the best hardware for the least money possible.

Failure or traffic jam? Xiaomi can only sell one cheap phone especially well

According to the current market analysis, the best-selling device over the past year is not a top-end smartphone, but an absolute entry-level device. According to Omdia, Samsung is in first place in the top 10 with the Galaxy A12, which will become one at the end of 2020. The suggested retail price is only 179 euros. entered into German trade.

To give a brief overview of Samsung Galaxy A12 specifications:

  • 6.5 inches, 1600 x 720 pixels
  • MediaTek Helio R35
  • 2-6 GB RAM, 32-128 GB flash, microSD
  • Battery 5000 mAh, 15 W, USB-C
  • 48 MP wide, 5 MP ultra wide, 2 MP macro, 2 MP depth sensor

Samsung Galaxy A12: a new milestone for manufacturers

In total, around 51.8 million units of the Galaxy A12 were sold worldwide, about 10 million more than the second-place iPhone 12. According to Omdia, Samsung has surpassed the 50 million device sales mark for the first time.

Redmi 9A in fifth place and Samsung Galaxy A02 in tenth place are the only two other smartphones that are not made by Apple. Even the 2019 iPhone 11 managed to do very well, finishing in fourth place. The United States is likely to be primarily responsible for Apple’s success, with more than one in two smartphones sold being an iPhone.

Did you buy a new smartphone in 2021 – and perhaps it was even the Samsung Galaxy A12?

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