Big competition: Apple shares green day after keynote: Apple unveils ‘most powerful’ chip, new iPhone SE and iPad Air | news

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The group describes the new M1 Ultra chip as the most powerful ever developed for personal computers – a “monster chip”. First, there’s the new Mac Studio computer, which was also unveiled on Tuesday in a video presentation.

The two smaller M1 Max chips are paired together for the M1 Ultra.

– with connectivity technology also developed by Apple.

This is also a blow to Intel: the chip leader is especially proud of its so-called packaging technologies, with which parts of processors are connected.

The Mac compact studio computer was called an “absolute monster” at the event in a similar set of words. It’s 80 percent faster than the previous top-end Mac Pro in top-end configuration. The Mac Pro is the only Apple computer still stuck in the Intel world. It will also get an Apple chip, hardware boss John Ternus said, “but that’s for another time.”

The Mac Studio has its price: even with the simpler Max chip in Europe, it is at least 2299 euros, and with the Ultra processor the entry-level price rises to 4599 euros. Thus, the computer is more for professional use, such as video or photo editing, than for everyday consumer use.

Apple is gradually transitioning its Mac computers from Intel processors to chips of its own design. In this way, the group can benefit from a common technical base for their devices, from iPhones to iPads and Macs. All Apple processors run on the architectures of the British chip designer Arm and are therefore not directly compatible with the Intel world. Qualcomm’s chip group now wants to increasingly use ARM processors in Windows computers from other manufacturers.

With Mac Studio, for the first time in years, Apple is offering its own computer monitor at a slightly lower price. Studio Display with a screen diagonal of 27 inches is sold in Germany from 1749 euros. So far, the group has only offered a display aimed at professional users, starting at €5,500.

After the pandemic, Macs are selling better than ever. As people increasingly work and study at home, more companies and households are buying laptops. Apple sold about 26 million Macs last year, and its market share was a good seven percent, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Also on Tuesday, new versions of its entry-level iPhone SE smartphone and iPad Air tablet were unveiled, which, as usual, will be equipped with new features and functions. iPhone SE can now also use ultra-fast 5G data networks. Compared to many Android competitors, Apple continues to charge a relatively high price of 519 euros.

Apple CEO Tim Cook did not comment on Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine during the recorded presentation. But he wore the colors of the national flag of Ukraine very subtly: a blue sweater, a yellow Apple Watch strap. Last week, Apple stopped deliveries of its products to Russia and some services in the country.

In streaming competition with Netflix and other services, Apple is focusing on sports for the first time. Apple TV+ will show two MLB games in multiple countries on Fridays, Cook announced. The timing of the announcement isn’t exactly good for Apple: the Major League Baseball season won’t start on the scheduled date of March 31st after collective bargaining collapsed.

On Apple TV+, “Friday Night Baseball” will be available initially in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the UK, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Korea. Other countries should follow later, the report said. Amazon, for example, shows Champions League football matches on its Prime service. The number of Apple TV+ users is unknown, but market observers suggest that the service is well behind competitors such as Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.

The announcements were well received on the stock exchange, with Apple shares eventually rising 3.50 percent to $162.95 in trading on Wednesday. It was another 1.17% lower on the NASDAQ on Tuesday evening at $157.44.


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