Battlefield 2042 finally shows how they plan to fix bad maps

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Cards Battlefield 2042 are among the main criticisms of the game. Now the DICE developer has commented on this in detail, mentioned the biggest problems and what I would like to improve in the future. It works well with the players.

What’s the problem with cards? Even before the release of Battlefield 2042, there were concerns that the new 128-player maps might be too big and empty to provide a “typical Battlefield experience”.

With release, some maps confirmed player concerns, such as the city kaleidoscope map, which was often criticized for its structure, lack of coverage, and placement of strategic points.

In a great blog post, developer DICE commented in detail on the situation and what needs to change.

Here’s how Battlefield 2042 wants to improve its maps

DICE has identified five major issues that they want to address in the future and progressively improve all maps significantly:

  • Movement: One of the biggest criticisms is that the footpaths from base to flag or flag to flag are too long for foot soldiers. Players are distributed over large cards. It got to the point that Battlefield 2042 was even called a running simulator.
  • Intensity: Here, especially in the breakthrough mode, the chaos factor is often too great and in a negative sense. Some tests on the number of players have been done here.
  • line of sight: The criticism here is that there are too many areas on some maps where enemies have a clear view from a distance. This mainly applies to Kaleidoscope, but there is a problem on other maps as well.
  • Ways: Another rework ensures that important paths to objectives are more clearly visible to players. Without these paths, fire would come from all directions, and this does not motivate the gameplay.
  • Coating: As with the field of view, players on most maps simply do not have enough objects to hide behind.

There are already solutions for all these points. So you want to shorten the passages, maybe reduce the number of players in the gap to 64, place more objects for cover and specify clearer paths.

Here is a specific example on the Kaleidoscope map in Breakout mode:

Battlefield 2042 Map ImprovementsOn the left you see a new version of the Kaleidoscope.

Here are some of the possible changes:

  • The A2 base has been changed to A1, and now A is completely different from B1. This makes the rarely used part of the map more interesting and offloads the path between the original A2 and B1.
  • C2 has also been moved and is now closer to C1, although it looks like the point is on the roof of a skyscraper.

There should also be some improvements to conquer:

Battlefield 2042 Conquest Improvements

  • In addition to A1, now there is also A2 on the Kaleidoscope, i.e. another flag to win. Similar to Breakthrough, this finally makes the map area more interesting.
  • C1 has been completely moved and C2 added. You are right between B1/B2 and F1/F2. As a result, there should be a lot more happening on the side of the map, which should also make it easier for D1 in the center.
  • The new flag distribution and the newly added G1, E2 and A1 should probably distribute the fight more from the center to the map.

How all this will affect the game is still unclear. Keep in mind that everything shown above is a work in progress, so it won’t necessarily be enabled this way.

When will there be improvements? DICE admits for the first time that it is not possible to completely overhaul all maps in one update. Innovations should be introduced gradually.

You want to prioritize which card has the most problems. The first one is Kaleidoscope, and a special update for the map should appear during the first season:

We are currently focused on the Kaleidoscope for Conquest and Breakthrough. This is the map where we can improve the gameplay the most and this is where you can expect the update first. We are currently planning to roll out updates to Kaleidoscope during Season 1, and your feedback will not only help us refine these changes, but also point out what needs to be improved further.

When will season 1 come out? After the start was delayed, The first season of Battlefield 2042 is set to arrive this summer. There is no exact date yet.

Feedback will not only go to current maps, but also to planned maps that are not yet in the game. Thus, the first map from the first season is also affected. Positive or negative, remains to be seen.

What do the players say about it? Initial reactions are cautious, but still cautiously optimistic. After the bad mood of recent months, many are glad that good news is finally out again.

Moreover, recently the update of the scoreboard was again postponed. Update with some quality of life improvements moved several times.

The mentioned problems and ideas for improvement are also evaluated positively by most of them. But many are still skeptical about how many of them will make it into the game and when.

But what do you think of the information? Do you share the criticism of the cards? What else would you improve?

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