Why you should not buy a Chinese player with Android in mid-2022

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Until 2020 if you want to have Android on any TVwe almost always had to resort to Chinese players if we wanted something cheap. There were few official options, and the only one we could buy at a reasonable price was the Xiaomi Mi Box S. the price of official players fell, while the Chinese players grew. So much so that it’s not worth buying anymore. Or yes, depending on how you intend to use it.

If we go to Amazon, we find that Android media players have gone up a lot in price over the past year due to chip prices. It is rare to find a player with 4 GB of RAM for less than 40 euros, despite the fact that before the shortage of chips, they could be found at that price.

Thus, in the price range of around 50 euros, we now find official players. Its Chromecast with Google TV was available these days for €59.99 at MediaMarktalthough now they have grown to €69.99 again. The difference in price was only 10 euros, for which you get an official player with many advantages.

Updates and DRM: Benefits of Chromecast

To begin with, among these advantages we find updates. When buying an official device from a manufacturer like Google or Xiaomi, we are guaranteed updates to at least two versions of Android. In fact, maybe even more, due to changes in update policies that lengthen the support period. In Chinese players, an update usually does not come.

Another advantage is the presence basic DRM licenses who use streaming platforms. For example, with Chromecast with Google TV, we can watch Netflix in 4K, which is impossible in almost all Chinese players. The interface is usually faster and more flexible due to better optimization, as well as consolidating the content of all streaming platforms in one interface. In Chinese players, unfortunately, freezes, crashes and performance problems are usually no exception.

Chinese players also have their advantages

In exchange, we also lose some of the advantages of Chinese players. These devices usually have multiple processors. more powerfulwhich is important if, for example, you are going to run emulators in the player. Also when using regular Android and not Android TV, the number more apps we can installusing the device in much the same way as if it were a tablet on a TV in terms of functionality.

We also have more RAM, more memoryas well as the ability to add microSD cards for its expansion, as well as flash drives or external hard drives. In turn, communication is usually better, with Ethernet connectorsa plus USB portsoptical, etc.

Therefore, if you are not going to use paid streaming platforms, you can buy a Chinese player. If you are going to use them and want a device that replaces or complements the one included with your Smart TV, the best option is to buy an official one, such as from Xiaomi, Google or Realme.

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