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Buy iPhone 13: Deals and Deals 2022

Our recommendation: There is one on amazon iPhone 13 (128 GB) in Midnight Black available at the lowest price at the moment: only 813 euros! However, there is a longer delivery time of four to eight weeks. It’s faster iPhone 13 in blue for 825 euros with you. A good deal for 859 euros is also available today. Saturn proposal. The advantage is that shipping is much faster and you get three months of Apple TV for free.

Shortly after launch, Apple products are traditionally in high demand. This is no different than the recently released iPhone 13, with many options expired or only available with a waiting period. Others are widely available or even abbreviated. We show you the current status of products and offers on Amazon here. We keep this article up to date because Availability can sometimes change quickly, so if in doubt, it’s worth a quick visit to the related product page on Amazon or visit the Saturn and Media Markt online stores, which we also link to here.

Best iPhone 13 deals on Amazon

Here are all the current iPhone 13 models in a price summary. The links will take you straight to the offers:

iPhone 13 in midnight black

iPhone 13 in Polarstern White

iPhone 13 in blue

iphone 13 in red

iPhone 13 in pink

Overview of all iPhone 13 variants on Amazon

iPhone 13Photo: iStock/NguyenDucQuang

Buy iPhone 13: these models are available and already cheaper

iPhone 13 128 GB

The iPhone 13 is available on Amazon in three storage options and five colors. Availability of options on Amazon: With 128GB, there is currently some fluctuation in availability that can change quickly. Check the current flower situation here Red, pink, blue Such as the “Midnight” black and “Northern Star” – white. What’s in stock and what’s sold out? However, it is worth checking regularly for availability.

iPhone 13 256 GB

What about the iPhone 13 with 256 GB of storage? Check stocks here blue, pink, Red Such as the “North Star” and “Midnight”.

iPhone 13 512 GB

What is the availability of the large 512 GB model? Find your favorite color here: pink, midnight, blue, Redand “Northern Star” – white. What else is available on Amazon and where should you expect longer waiting times?

Buy iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 mini 128 GB

The iPhone 13 Mini is also available in three storage options: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Here’s what the inventory looks like for the 128 GB version: Red, “Midnight”, pink, “North Star” and blue. Where to expect deliveries? Where does your iPhone 13 Mini get straight to you?

iPhone 13 mini 256 GB

There are currently many models in stock for the 256GB version of the iPhone 13 Mini. Check availability and delivery times: pink, Red, blue, “Midnight” and “North Star”.

iPhone 13 mini 512 GB

The largest iPhone 13 Mini with 512 GB of memory is also very popular. However, here accessibility is somewhat more complicated. you see if Red, blue, pink, “North Star” and “Midnight” are still available. One thing is already clear in advance: it is worth getting hold of quickly!

Buy iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB

The smallest storage with 128GB is also available in popular colors on the iPhone 13 Pro: Silver, graphite, Sierra Blue and gold. Delivery times are as follows:

iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB

Readers’ favorite is the iPhone 13 Pro with an average storage of 256GB. This is what it looks like with availability and delivery times gold, Silver, graphite and Sierra Blue outside:

iPhone 13 Pro 512 GB

to whom If you want a premium iPhone 13 Pro model, you have to be a little flexible. Here the colors are available in a 512 GB storage option. graphite, Silver, gold and Sierra Blue in stock:

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