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Samsung is giving the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic an update to personalization and fitness features. Through features, Samsung wants to help users achieve their fitness goals — in line with their personal style. The update includes extended interval training for cyclists or runners, a sleep training program, and access to body composition information.

Set the tone with new customizable watch faces and bracelets in fresh colors.

“The lives of our users are constantly changing. With this update, we not only want to address these changes in terms of functionality, but also give our customers the ability to personalize their personal Galaxy Watch4 experience with new design elements,” said Mario Winter, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Electronics GmbH. . “With the update, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 could become an even smarter companion for its wearers on their personal journey to a healthy lifestyle.”

motivation to exercise

The Body Analysis update gives users insight into their body composition. Whether they just want to get active or gear up for an upcoming race, the interval goal feature for runners and cyclists allows users to pre-set the duration, distance and reps for a workout. From there, the Galaxy Watch4 will guide you through a series of alternating high-intensity and low-intensity workouts that are both effective and focused.

Collaborations with popular apps like adidas Running and Strava continue to help users with their workout routine.

Sleep coaching for a restful night’s sleep

The sleep training program is based on the Galaxy Watch4’s sleep tracking features and is designed to help users analyze their sleep habits. By tracking sleep behavior over a period of seven days and performing two sleep surveys, the program assigns one of eight sleep icons that represent the user’s sleep type. To help improve sleep quality, the program takes users through a four to five week training program that includes tasks, checklists, sleep articles, meditation guides, and regular reports.

A quiet and peaceful sleeping environment is one of the keys to restful sleep. To help create such an environment, Galaxy Watch4 can detect when users are falling asleep and automatically turn off the backlight using Samsung SmartThings.2

game center

health in mind

Combined with advanced Samsung BioActive Sensor technology, the Samsung Health Monitor app for Galaxy Watch4 measures blood pressure (BP) and can also record an electrocardiogram4 (ECG). This allows users to monitor their health. Since its initial launch in 2020, the Samsung Health Monitor app is currently available in 43 markets worldwide and will expand to 11 additional markets (including Canada, Vietnam and South Africa) in March 2022.

Stylish bracelets and dials

In addition to functional changes, users can also look forward to some design updates. The watch face can be further customized with new digital clock fonts and an expanded color palette. New fabric and link bracelets and sports bracelets in burgundy and cream also bring new color accents to the wrist.5

Communication in the Android ecosystem

Last year, Samsung and Google introduced Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung. This ensures a smooth connection between Android devices as well as seamless access to various apps via Google Play (such as Google Maps, Google Pay and YouTube Music).

Additionally, Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch4 series in the coming months. With access to Bixby and Google Assistant, consumers have access to advanced voice assistant capabilities. In addition, users can also install their favorite smartphone apps6 directly on their Galaxy Watch4 during initial setup, creating a multi-device experience right out of the box.


The software update will be available through the Galaxy Wearable app on the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic after the Unpacked Event (starting February 9, 2022). The new bracelets will be available from the end of February.

More information about Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic9 can be found at the following link:

1 Intended for general health and fitness use only. Not intended to detect, diagnose, or treat any disease or condition. The measurements are for the personal use of the user only. Please seek medical advice. Do not measure your body composition if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical device. Do not measure your body composition during pregnancy. Measurement results may not be accurate if you are under 20 years old. Availability of this feature may vary by market.
2 Requires the latest versions of Samsung Clock app (version, Samsung SmartThings app (version and SmartThings Framework app (version 1.4.1). Available on smart devices registered with SmartThings.
3 Samsung Health Monitor is a medical device. Requires a Samsung Galaxy smartphone running Android 7 or later and the Samsung Health Monitor app, available only from the Samsung Galaxy app store. Due to national medical device approval/registration restrictions, the Samsung Health Monitor app only works on watches and smartphones purchased in countries where this service is currently available.
4 The Samsung Health Monitor app for blood pressure measurement and ECG recording is a medical device. Features require connection to a compatible Samsung smartphone. An MFDS approved shoulder cuff sphygmomanometer is required to calibrate the blood pressure function. Measuring blood pressure can help prevent the consequences of high blood pressure and recognize early signs of abnormal blood pressure. Blood pressure measurement is not used to diagnose high blood pressure or other medical conditions, or to check user values ​​for signs of a heart attack. For greater accuracy, users should calibrate their device at least once a month. The ECG feature never looks for signs of a heart attack. The ECG feature can help detect cardiac arrhythmias. But she never looks for signs of a heart attack. Features are not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician. If you have concerns about your health, you should definitely consult a doctor. The application is not intended for users under the age of 22. Additional important information can be found in the operating instructions. Please read the operating instructions and instructions carefully before using them for the first time.
5 Sold separately and availability varies by market.
6 Limited to watch-compatible apps downloaded from the Google Play Store. Requires the latest version of the Google Play Store on the connected device.
7 Availability varies by market or operator.
8 The app update requires a smartphone running Android 8.0 or later with more than 1.5 GB of RAM and the latest version of the Samsung Health Mobile app (v.6.21).
9 All features, capabilities, specifications, and other product information in this document, including but not limited to product benefits, design, components, performance, availability, and capabilities, are subject to change without notice.

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