Replenishment announced! Replenishment of 10,000 game consoles

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There are more and more signs that the PS5 is coming to Amazon soon. Here is all the information and current status.

If you want to get your hands on a brand new Playstation 5, you’ve had to keep your eyes open for weeks and diligently search for deals. Many dealers are currently trying to replenish their stocks and are hoping for more from Sony. Including Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, Otto, Alternate and Co. Now the information about replenishment coming soon. Our latest update: After a few PlayStation 5s have been available for purchase at Müller for a short time, restocking on the Amazon online store may soon follow.

PS5 Coming Soon to Amazon

Will the Playstation 5 be available again via Amazon? According to a report by PCGH, citing British media, a large shipment is heading to Germany. In this case, from sales to from 10,000 to 20,000 items said. So if you want to buy a PS5, you should be especially careful now and check for current availability here:

PS5 Restock: Media Markt, Saturn, Otto and Alternate

There are also rumors that Saturn, Media Markt and Co. should have snacks. We will keep you updated and also keep an eye on other sellers:

Get a PS5 bundled with the game or Amazon Prime

Amazon may also offer the PS5 bundled with Horizon Forbidden West, which releases on February 18th. A suitable offer is already available on Amazon. Check availability here:

Some signs also speak of February 22: because this Tuesday, Prime Video will host the exclusive Champions League game that the online retailer in the past liked to associate with the downfall of the PS5.

You should also keep an eye on the PS5 digital edition. Check this page regularly:

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