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It’s there! The brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is now on sale and can even be ordered from Amazon. We know the best deals.

New on the market: buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung fans have been waiting for this novelty for a long time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has finally hit the market. Samsung officially unveiled the device on February 9, 2021. You can get it on Amazon Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11 inch 128 GB now available from 749 euros. You can pre-order quickly and securely here and receive it from February 25, 2022. Early buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 are now getting a 30 percent discount on compatible Samsung accessories in the Amazon shopping cart.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11 inch 128 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 12.4″ 128GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 14.6″ 256 GB

What can the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 do?

Samsung’s new tablet has some nice specs. Among other things, there is a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle front camera for photos and video calls. Noise cancellation and three microphones keep transmission smooth. With the video call app, users can call up to 31 friends. It is compatible with all your Samsung Galaxy devices, such as Samsung smartphone or Samsung headphones. The 4.1 user interface gives you access to the same apps found on the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series.

The Multi Window feature, which allows you to work on different surfaces at the same time, will be useful to anyone who wants to work with a tablet in a mobile office. At 503 grams, the tablet is slightly heavier than its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab 7, and is easy to transport. In addition to the Android tablet, the package also includes an S Pen to control the tablet. This means that a total of 1000 pen functions are possible. Creative users can create creative and design projects with “Clip Studio Paint5” app on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. A good all-round package that Samsung offers us here.

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