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02/02/2022 02:41 PM Thilo Bayer – Techland has confirmed via Twitter that Dying Light 2: Stay Human pre-load has begun on all platforms. The preload was already available on Xbox at the end of January and is now available for download on all other systems such as PC and Playstation. As you know, the activation will take place on February 4 at midnight on consoles, on the PC version at one in the morning.

Dying Light 2 continues on course. As developer and publisher Techland announced via Twitter, the preload is now available on all platforms. On Xbox, early download was available for a few days.

Dying Light 2: Release soon

Thus, the next important step in the release roadmap has been taken. techland says obviously from all platforms. The preload should also be available on Steam and Epic Games. We do not have reliable information about the download size. But perhaps one or the other from the forum has already started downloading and can provide us with information. You will eventually need 60 GB of free disk space, which will most likely grow due to the announced DLC.

It’s also important to bring the Dying Light 2 Day 1 patch with you. While there are no detailed release notes for patch 1.01, optimizations, improvements and bug fixes are mentioned, but Techland should have integrated some improvements over the pre-release and test versions. However, it was considered necessary “warn” before playing without day one patch. Some retailers have apparently delivered retail versions of Dying Light 2 to customers too early for them to play now. The warning concerns not only possible story spoilers, but also the lack of patch improvements that could affect gameplay. The original quote read:

That being said, we kindly ask that you wait until February 4th, when you will also have access to all the improvements and bug fixes that we have implemented over the past few weeks, which will be introduced with the Day 1 patch. That’s So Dying Light 2 (buy now €59.99 ) experience it the way it should be played.”

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Before the release of Dying Light 2, some players had already purchased retail copies.  Techland asks them to wait.

Dying Light 2: Spoiler Danger – Early Players Should Wait Until Release

Before the release of Dying Light 2, some players had already purchased retail copies. Techland asks them to wait.

Dying Light 2 with Denuvo (1)

Dying Light 2 comes with Denuvo

Dying Light 2 will feature Denuvo. Techland has confirmed this and wants to protect the game from illegal copies.

As you know, after the preload is preceded by the release. This should happen on Friday, for consoles at midnight from Thursday to Friday, for PC players it should start at 1am. The second part of Techland’s survival horror series comes with Nvidia DLSS support as well as appearance with ray tracing, reflections, shadows and global illumination. He is also part of the party Denuvo copy protectionthe purpose of which is to prevent the distribution of illegal copies of Dying Light 2 over the Internet.

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