New World: February Update available on PTR

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February 6, 2022 2:00 PM by Carsten Scholz – February New World Patch content has been released to the public test server. You are waiting for adjustments to the combat system and the assault on outposts, faster leveling of professions and stronger fire staves.

Amazon Games developers continue to work hard to make New World a really good online role-playing game. Other hard-to-launch genres such as Final Fantasy 14 and The Elder Scrolls Online have proven over the years that this is always possible.

February update on PTR

The next step towards this goal will be the big February patch, which has recently appeared on the public testing server. An important direction of the update are the planned improvements to the combat system:

  • weapon change
    • Weapons can now be swapped while reacting, dodging, moving, and using consumables (excluding weapon skins) and will no longer interrupt these actions! In these cases, there is a 1 second cooldown when switching weapons to prevent instant weapon spamming.
    • Weapon switching and attacks can now be queued at the same time! So, for example, if you press switch weapon while recovering from an attack, and then immediately press the skill button, the weapon will switch in the first frame of switch-cancel, and the desired skill will be executed immediately after that. Actions still have buffers and cancel windows, but this change makes the combination of switching weapons and activating skills easier and more reliable.
    • We can now prevent weapon switching buffers from being canceled if you stagger before switching weapons.

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  • Dodge and block
    • We’ve reduced the cooldown for all evasion actions! Evading and switching to navigation should now be smoother for all players.
    • The start of basic melee and ranged attacks can now be canceled 2 frames before the first active frame by dodging or blocking. This is usually the first frame of the animation where the damage form is activated or the missile/hit scan object appears.
  • jump
    • Jumping from lower objects no longer triggers the full landing animation, allowing you to move around Eternum faster.
  • Game balance changes
    • We’ve overhauled all weapon types, and a number of skills and effects now feel more predictable and powerful on the battlefield!
    • The Gravity Well of Battleaxe has been significantly redesigned.
    • The “stopman effect”, “sticky bomb” and “shooter stance” of the musket have also been significantly redesigned.

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Focus on Storm Outpost

It is also extremely important for the developers to make outpost assaults more profitable with the upcoming patch:

  • Fixed several AI and graphical bugs.
  • The game balance of AI and siege weapons has been reworked.
  • Reworked the system of scoring points for deposits:
    • Dealing damage now increases the player’s points.
    • Killing enemy players now earns less points.
    • Killing AI enemies now gives less points.
  • We have adjusted participation rewards:
    • Faction Tokens are now awarded for completing matches.
    • Storm Outpost supplies now drop 2 Outpost Storm armor pieces and one Outpost Storm weapon. There is also an additional 15% chance to get a fourth item, which can be a special trinket.
    • We’ve significantly increased the chance that Outpost Storm supply rewards will increase player skill levels.
    • Outpost assault equipment now has a fixed list of throwable effects that are better suited for PvP combat. This means traits such as Ward of the Beast are no longer possible in Outpost Assault gear.
      • Beast Protection has been removed from Illusory Mystery and replaced with Aspiration. This change is not retroactive, only for new Illusory Puzzles after the patch.

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Also planned are AI improvements, faster leveling for Arcana, Armorsmithing, Engineering, Carpentry, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing, as well as the implementation of a merchant chat channel. Further corrections and changes will follow during the PTR phase, which will then also be included in official patch notes be documented. What do you think of these adjustments? Let us know in the comments!

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