Lost Ark returns Twitch Drops

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For release Lost Ark there were short-term twitches with special rewards. These are now back. If you haven’t received your free pet, mount, and other rewards yet, tune in to Twitch now.

What are the audience awards? The following four items will be available to viewers. Once the rewards are unlocked, you will have to watch 4 hours each time to get the drop.

  • Combat item chest — a chest with in-game currency.
  • Paper Hat Chest – A chest containing 5 different headboard skins (you get one randomly).
  • Helgaia Pet Chest – Chest with 4 different pets (you get one randomly)
  • Curiosity Mount is a special mount.

When what drop? The return of drops began today, February 25, at 18:00. You receive a Chest with Combat Items for exactly 24 hours. From Saturday, 18:00, there will be a Chest of paper hats and so on.

You can see the exact plan again in this tweet:

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What streamers should I watch? Everyone who is Participated in the Legends of Lost Ark event. German streamers:

  • AresLP
  • Meashi12
  • Dalucard
  • Jesserocks

There are also a number of international streamers including Fextralife, Zoltan, Towelliee and Luckyghost. You can find a complete list at Lost Ark website.

Can I get drops a second time? No, if you’ve already traded drops for release, you can’t dust them again.

How to use Twitch Drops? Once you earn the drop, you will need to link your Twitch account to your Lost Ark account:

  • Click “Redeem Now” in the dropdown list.
  • Select Connect and then Disconnect. The Lost Ark Twitch Drops page will appear.
  • From there, select “Sign in with Twitch”.
  • Sign in to your Twitch account.
  • Sign in to your Steam account.
  • Select “Activate” to add Lost Ark Twitch Drops to your account.

Have you already secured your drops at launch? Or are you happy that they are back again?

By the way, MeinMMO author Mark Sellner is delighted with Lost Ark:

After 15 years MMORPG Lost Ark seems to be my first game.

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