Lost Ark hacks 1.3 million players on Steam

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New MMORPG Lost Ark was released on February 11 for free to all players. Unfortunately, the launch was delayed until late at night, so a new record has now been set.

What happened? After the violent technical issues on launch day the game could only launch hours after its scheduled release.

Although our servers started in the middle of the night, around one in the morning, Lost Ark incredible 984,000 concurrent players attract. That’s already about 70,000 more than the biggest MMORPG competitor New World has achieved at its best. However, you should mention that you had to buy New World and you can play Lost Ark for free.

But yesterday the number couldn’t have been that close to the magical million. About an hour after the release, the number of players started to drop again. However, Lost Ark has already reached about 5 times more players than the boss expected.

updated: We have updated the article to the current numbers and were last updated at 21:00 on February 12th.

Now the record has been broken: As of 20:50 on February 12, Lost Ark was able to attract over 1.3 million concurrent MMORPG players, and that’s just through Steam. There was only one other game on the platform that could do it.

Lost Ark now follows right behind PUBG with 3.3 million concurrent players, currently with 1.308 million concurrent fans. Now he can also leave behind Dota 2 and CSGO, which are currently lagging behind MMORPGs.

Lost Ark is the first MMORPG to break the one million player mark on Steam. However, this can be seen in the queues. The servers are absolutely full at the moment and it’s hard for new players to even start playing.

Lost Ark is packed with 15 classes of action-packed action – check out how they look in the video here.

Is this the first MMORPG to achieve this? No, but the first thing he also achieves in a clear and recognizable way on the Steam platform. According to their own statements, the Asian MMORPG MIR 4 reached over a million concurrent players.

This is also possible with other major MMORPGs, but there are no exact numbers for FFXIV and WoW.

Success on Twitch: Lost Ark is breaking records, but not only on Steam. The game also goes through the roof on Twitch. The Lost Ark category has already attracted more than a million viewers twice, on February 8 and 11.

The game also beats the records of fellow genres such as New World or World of Warcraft. Streamer only Asmongold had over 420,000 concurrent viewers during the February 11 server downtime.. At the time, that was more than the entire League of Legends category.

On February 12 at 21:00 Lost Ark will once again be the biggest category on Twitch with over 600,000 viewers.

At 21:00 Lost Ark can please 1,30,054 simultaneous players.

How are things in the game? The game is doing well on Steam. Although up to 96% of positive ratings before the launch and all the problems on February 11, far away. Lost Ark has 18,739 reviews and is currently rated “Mostly Favorable” with 73% of the ratings being good.

However, many of the negative reviews relate to ongoing server issues, queues, and store collapses that exist in the game. Another major criticism is that Some servers will be blocked for new players and then they cannot gamble with their friends.

Do you think Lost Ark will continue to grow, or do you think MMORPGs will soon fall again? How many players do you think will stay loyal to Lost Ark and continue to roam the world of Arkesia even after the initial hype? Let us know in the comments on MeinMMO.

That The starter pack for the Free2Play MMORPG Lost Ark has again been able to compete for the top spot on the Steam bestseller list, but you may not get what you expect.

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