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There is still no Face iD on the Mac. There are often rumors that 3D facial recognition will also appear on Apple computers. Apparently, Apple also has corresponding plans, but it is probably not necessary to wait for a quick implementation.

Apple introduced its 3D Face ID for iPhone four years ago. There, she got better and better over the years, and soon she can even do it. with a mask But beyond that, Face iD hasn’t gotten very far. Only the iPad Pro still has this feature, the Mac is still waiting for a TrueDepth camera or something similar.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple was on the verge of bringing Face ID to the Mac. He brings up the topic of Face ID on Mac again in the latest issue of his weekly newsletter.

iMac almost got Face ID

According to Gurman, Apple was on the verge of adding Face ID to the 24-inch iMac with a new design. It’s unclear what ultimately prevented this from happening, but it’s well known that Apple had problems bringing the 24-inch iMac to market anyway. Gourmet also offers little hope for the future in this regard.

If anything, Apple will first put Face ID in an iMac or an external display, only there is enough space. MacBook with Face ID will not appear soon, the necessary technology simply does not exist. However, face recognition in laptops is entirely possible, as we know from Surface computers and various Windows Hello-enabled PCs. However, until there is a MacBook with Face ID, the App Store should be free and open to download.

About patents and concepts of Face ID on Mac As far as we know, there is no shortage.. Apple has also repeatedly included code to support Face ID in the macOS beta, only to remove it later.

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