iPhone, Apple Watch and company are now significantly cheaper

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Buy Apple AirPods Pro

New Airpods Pro 3rd Generation on the market since 2021 and have already become a bestseller. Now we hope for a good deal and keep an eye out for new Airpods for you guys. Our advice: they are on Amazon currently only 171 euros!

On Saturn Apple Airpods Pro (3rd generation) is also cheaper at 179 euros.

Dust off Apple Airpods on Amazon

in Apple AirPods have been in super sale for a long time, now they are finally available again. For example, the classic version with a wired charging case is cheap. on Amazon is currently 127 euros.

Apple iPhone 12 cheap claws

Even the new iPhones are already discounted. Among other things, it is included in Amazon iPhone 12 in the Polar Star 128 GB or even this iPhone 12 in “Midnight” 128 GB.

Also on Saturn this iPhone 12 mini (128 GB) available in various colors.

iPhone 13 is on sale on Amazon

That new iphone 13 with 256 GB of storage, it is currently almost 10 percent less than Amazon’s. And this too iPhone 13 mini 128 GB available in many colors.

That iPhone 13 (128 GB) too on Saturn available and supplied and currently available from 829 euros.

Apple MacBook Air at a bargain price

Also among the suggestions: newer Macbooks. Our favorite suggestion: Lightweight 2020 MacBook Air now greatly reduced on the Amazon! The bad news is that many models now have delayed delivery times. So it’s better to access it quickly.

That MacBook Air 2020 also at Media Markt still available for the equally low 969 euros.

Buy Apple Air Tag Bundle

Apple Air Tags are also currently available for a lower price. Set of four air labels costs reduced 95 euros.

Dust off Apple MacBook Pro from Amazon

The professional MacBook Pro 2020 and 2021 are also hugely popular. The laptop is cheaper these days. And the 512GB version is currently available on Amazon for a lower price.

Apple iPad Pro scaled down

Do you want a new iPad? The following models are questionable: Das Apple iPad Pro 2021 always in stock, so it is worth keeping an eye on price changes. It belongs to the 3rd generation, has IOS 14 operating system and 128 GB of memory. And other models are also available.

Apple iPad Air

in Amazon has various 4th generation iPad Air modelswith IOS 12 operating system and 64 GB memory now even smaller!

Apple Magic Keyboard

There is also one suitable for the iPad. Apple magic keyboard for iPad Pro included in the offer price.

Apple iMac

Anyone who wants to buy a computer and with this Apple iMac 2021 flirting, should check availability regularly. There is on Amazon The latest version is already on sale.

You can also buy a good thing at Saturn: here it is 2020 Apple iMac 21.5″ 256GB Currently for 999 euros accessible.

Apple Watch Series 6

Sports on the go? Then you can apple watch is not missing from your Apple family, e.g. Apple Watch Series 6. It’s up to date on Amazon from 438 euros accessible:

Apple Watch Series 7

Whether it’s newer apple watch 7 reduced too? YES! Are you currently paying 405 euro for midnight model:

Apple Watch Series 3

Doesn’t it always have to be the latest model for you? There is apple watch 3 at a bargain price for 195 euros on Amazon:

Apple AirPods Max

Looking for great headphones? Then the transaction alarm will also turn off. in Apple AirPods Max are now indeed reduced.

apple pencil

Art-loving users are now also looking for great deals on popular Apple Pencil (2nd generation). It is currently available in super low price.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Still looking for a good keyboard? Then you can look forward to the Apple Magic Keyboard appearing on Amazon. Again, keep an eye out for discounts. Currently The Apple Magic Keyboard in German is available at a reduced price on Amazon..

iPhone, MacBook, AirPods and company: this is how you get cheap Apple products

Is the iPhone cheaper now?

Apple recently released its iPhone 13. Therefore, there is a good chance that the previous iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 models will drop in price from time to time. But even those who really want the new iPhone 13 can still get a great deal, like gift cards for the App Store or iTunes.

Are there discounts for Apple MacBooks?

Buying an Apple MacBook should be carefully considered because of the price. Dealers such as Media Markt, Saturn, Amazon, and Otto occasionally offer MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for up to 15% off.

How expensive are AirPods Pro now?

Demand for Apple’s AirPods is still very high. Wireless in-ear headphones are now available at significantly reduced prices this year. Here you save 50 euros or more. It is worth comparing the prices of various online stores.

Apple recently introduced the third generation of regular AirPods. The new headphones have features like 3D audio with head tracking and adaptive EQ so the sound automatically adapts to your ears and your position.

Real savings on Apple accessories

While Apple electronics have only gotten a little smaller, you can save a lot on Apple accessories. Then iPhone cases, chargers, Apple Watch straps or Magic Keyboards are available at reasonable prices. It is also worth paying attention to other manufacturers that supply Apple-compatible accessories.

How to get the best Apple deals?

On sale days like Black Friday, speed is required because discounted items often sell out after a short amount of time. Apple products are especially popular because discounts are usually rare here. For bargain hunters, preparation is everything, so here are some tips:

  • Learn about Apple offerings online. Maybe you can already buy an iPhone or iPad in one of the online stores at a bargain price.
  • Watch big online stores like Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and Otto. Here, the sale often starts before Black Friday.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and you will always be aware of new promotions and offers.
  • Make a list of the best deals. This way you can keep an eye on things and choose the cheapest offer.
  • Resist the temptation of the first offer you see, compare the prices of other providers instead. Set an alarm for Black Friday. Because it starts on November 26 at 00:00 and stocks are limited.

Special offers instead of big discounts

Apple itself relies more on deals that promise an iTunes or App Store voucher worth up to €200 with every purchase. The equivalent value depends on the product. When buying an iPad last year it was 100 euros, when buying a MacBook – 200 euros. It also makes new regular priced products a bargain. Another way to save money is to trade-in. Here it is worth comparing the prices of online stores to get the best deal.

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