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Horizon Forbidden West distinguishes between quests and contracts. Why? No one really knows because the orders are basically small quests where someone usually sends you out to find something or someone. These quests are a little easier in Horizon Forbidden West, and are usually a short trip from point A to point B and back. However, often enough it’s worth it just for the experience points.

All missions in Horizon Forbidden West

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Quest “Chain Wreath” – “Pinch of Insolence” (level 5)

In the chainmail tavern, talk to Chef Milduf at the stove. He needs equipment – a saucepan – and ingredients. The latter is easy. Get out of the city, run, and if you see a boar, shoot him. Stick to the rocky bottom along the valley and collect all the herbs you find and you’ll have three Bitter Herbs in no time. Still missing a frying pan.

oneMilduf gives you temporary cooking bonuses, but only if you help him. (Horizon: Forbidden West)

To do this, return to the gondola station in the east, and to the east of it is a large group of graves and diggers. There are a lot of them, five or six, so use the tall grass to silently knock them all down, one at a time. One is on guard high above the other, you must not forget him and maybe even start with him. If you then move forward, you will see a digger fiddling with a pile of scrap metal. In this heap of rubbish you will find what you are looking for. Return it to Chainwreath in Milduf.

Quest Chain Ring – More Boom (Level 7)

You can find a quest in the southern part of the Chain Wreath where two Oserams craft a Thunder Stick, a new weapon. You can always use something like this, so she will be happy to help collect the right parts. These will be three shock horns and a tearing horn rib.

2These two promise you new weapons, so they will be happy to help. (Horizon: Forbidden West)

You’ll find the charge horns just around the corner, because if you turn around and exit through the southern chain gate, you’ll immediately have a herd of charges. The trick is that you can’t just cut the attackers like that, then the horns will be destroyed. Shoot the horns from a safe distance and tall grass and they will fall. You can collect them later when you defeat the Strikers.

You can also find bursting horns next to the chain wreath – other fire horns you have in the valley don’t count. The area is to the southeast across that bridge over there in the meadow, which is also patrolled by a few burrows. You must do it first, and then it will be the turn of the bursting horn. With this you have everything, and return to the chain wreath to the two tinkers. Trouble has earned you your first spike launcher. Enjoy!

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