GTA 6: official confirmation increases share price

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GTA 6: official confirmation increases share price

Image: Rock star

Years of speculation came to an end with the official announcement of GTA 6. The stock market shows the importance attached to the game. The share price of the parent company rose without delay. Now you can start loud speculation about the content of the game.

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Rockstar announced this at the end of the community update. However, first it became known that the next generation versions of GTA V and GTA Online for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will appear on March 15th. On PlayStation, the new standalone version of GTA Online is free to play for three months. The next-gen version maxes out at UHD resolution and up to 60fps, has a wider field of view, higher resolution textures, and the usual console upgrades. These include faster load times and ray tracing.

GTA 6 in progress

Originally developed for the venerable Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, GTA V has remained popular for so long and continues to bring in strong sales that surprised even Rockstar. There is talk of an “unprecedented longevity” for GTA V. This is fueling a certain amount of impatience with a possible successor now on the horizon. “Active development for the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is well under way,” writes Rockstar.

There is no more information at the moment. However, it is clear that “next title” refers to GTA 6. This is what fans expected, anything short of a full sequel will only cause lasting disappointment. Therefore, it must be assumed that at the first announcement, Rockstar more clearly indicated that this is not GTA 6, but something else – the announcement of Diablo Immortal can be taken as a cautionary tale. The context of GTA V also makes it clear what it’s really about.

share price rises

As a result of the announcement, Take Two’s parent company’s share price rose by a good five percentage points. The reaction of investors shows the importance attached to GTA and GTA Online. Because nine years after the publication, the successor was not economically viable, since the online part still attracts a huge number of players and is therefore financially viable. There was almost no room left for other games either, the only release since then being the epic western Read Dead Redemption 2 (test), whose online mode also fared well from an investor’s point of view.

Take Two's share price surged after the announcement Take Two’s share price surged after the announcement

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