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Buy iPhone 13 Mini: Deals and Availability

We follow the best deals and deals for iPhone 13 Mini and regularly update size and color availability here.

Our recommendation: The iPhone 13 Mini is currently available at a particularly good price. Saturn and in Media Markt. Here’s an explosive offer now 714 euros. Amazon cannot leave this maximum price unchanged and reduces the purchase price by iphone 13 mini Same way. Now it costs 726 euros there.

Buy iPhone 13 Mini white

The hugely popular iPhone 13 Mini in “Polarstern” white is available on Amazon in a variety of sizes. Ideal everyday model with 128 GB was a favorite purchase of our readers, but unfortunately sold out. Also medium sized 256 GB very popular. In the model with 512 GB Customers have to put in a little more, but there is much less storage stress.

Check out other offers at Media Markt and Saturn:

iPhone 13 Mini Black

Also very popular is the iPhone 13 Mini in “midnight” black. Without waiting time or with delivery problems? Here you can see if the sizes 128 GB, 256 GB as well as 512 GB currently in stock.

iPhone 13 mini pink

The pink iPhone 13 Mini is very popular and affordable. Anyone who only needs a small amount of storage space will use iPhone 13 Mini Pink 128 GB get along great. Medium model with very popular 256 GB. Here you have a good measure of storage capacity. The largest iPhone 13 Mini in pink with 512 GB often out of stock, but currently available. Worth a look for availability on Amazon.

iPhone 13 Mini in red

lucky shot! You can buy a red iPhone quickly and cheaply on Amazon: All options are available. in 512 GB option available at the price of 829 euros – 70 euros discounted!

iPhone 13 Mini in blue

The iPhone 13 Mini is also available in blue. The smartphone likes to cost a little less than other colors and is often available at a discounted price. Model c is usually the cheapest 128 GB. Have more storage space with medium size 256 GB. And for those who want more, there is also a version here 512 GB.

Other variants of the iPhone 13 are also already available at discounted prices – although not as much as the versions mentioned above. All current deals and deals on Amazon can be found in our article on the subject:

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iPhone 13 wins, iPhone 12 gets cheaper

Due to the availability of new iPhone models, older iPhone 12 devices are now also slowly getting cheaper. That Black iPhone 12 64 GB You can also get it on Amazon for a good price. Also Black iPhone 12 128 GB often abbreviated in a sentence.

Still nice and nicely narrow iphone 12 mini also available for less with a little patience for shipping – and many other Apple products on Amazon too. Example: Desirable AirPods Prowhich currently you can rent for a good price.

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