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Tournament too Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) 2019 was a huge success and remains so to this day with over 3500 participants the biggest offline tournament in history, which also received the highest number of EVO viewers. However, a lot has happened since then: in 2020, there were serious allegations against the then president of EVO, so EVO 2020 canceled – due to the corona pandemic, EVO 2021 was again only online and therefore without Super Smash Bros. Although Smash Ultimate was featured at Regional EVO 2020 Japan, it was the only game without a prize pool, and instead golden Pro Controller as the main prizeaccidentally fell at an awards ceremony and then caused laughter on the Internet.

EVO 2022 has finally returned to Las Vegas this summer, but those who were hoping for a Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be disappointed. Despite the long history of Smash Bros. at EVO events that gave many unforgettable moments, EVO 2022 without Super Smash Bros. get past In their Twitter account, the organizers of the event regret that The sequel to EVO Smash tournaments on Nintendo failed may be:

In the past year Sony acquired the rights to EVO – however, today’s announcement comes as a surprise to many fans as Nintendo continued to consider participating in EVO even after the takeover by Sony. Nintendo has not yet commented on the cancellation of EVO. it was three months ago Nintendo of America nevertheless, own Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee Circuit 2022 announced for North America in partnership with esports organization Panda Global:

So perhaps Nintendo prefers to rely solely on its own Super Smash Bros. scheme, which, to the delight of many fans, unexpectedly includes a 20-year-old Super Smash Bros. close combat officially supported. Since then, however, Nintendo has not shared any more information about Smash Circuit.

Do you think it’s a shame that EVO 2022 will be held without Super Smash Bros. tournaments?

Link: Twitter (EVO), Twitter (PandaGlobal)

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