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Feb 7, 2022 2:41 pm Klaus Ludewig – According to leaked information about new features in Windows 11, stickers, persistent options and new notifications are in preparation.

Windows 11 version 22H2 is scheduled to be released this fall as a free feature update for all Windows 11 users. In a separate article, we have all new features of the upcoming version summarized. However, Microsoft is already working on a variant for calendar year 2023. Now a Twitter user wants Albacore to be in one Leaking Upcoming Features show. So there must be stable settings and stickers.

Windows 11 may soon have PC recycling tips

Sustainable settings mean low power options. In the future, virtual sheets will show how environmentally friendly a PC is. This section of the Settings app is said to have Eco options, something about how often the screen should dim. In addition, if desired, you can display recommendations for energy-saving operation of the PC. In addition, there are tips for recycling the computer, and possibly repair instructions.

Windows 11 Setup Part 2: Even More Tips for Optimal Setup

Microsoft is likely revisiting settings in this area to make notifications less annoying. All notifications can be turned off with a single click, and you can define focus sessions yourself. The current version of Windows 11 21H2 already has focus sessions in the clock app, but in the future they should be separated and managed centrally in the operating system settings.

Will stickers come to Windows 11 and what about taskbar features?

Another possible innovation in Windows 11 is desktop stickers. So you should be able to customize background images with stickers. It is still unclear what exactly might be hiding behind the stickers. These can be static badges, such as in Telegram and other popular messengers. Windows 11 should even have its own sticker editor.

However, for many users, the taskbar is likely to be more important than some of these possible innovations. Many Windows 11 users complain that there is no more dragging on the taskbar, the position on the screen should always be at the bottom, and open program windows are always grouped. Microsoft has already announced that it will respond to this feedback and bring back the taskbar functionality.

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Widget area in Windows 11.

Tip for Windows 11: This way the OS uses less memory

Windows 11 using too much memory? With these settings, you can very easily reduce the load on your RAM.

Flight Simulator for Windows 95 was supposed to make the PC a gaming platform, but Flight Simulator 6 failed. Also in 2012, Microsoft crashed with Microsoft Flight.

Windows Vista, UWP, Games for Windows Live and company: Microsoft’s biggest failures

Microsoft has been around since April 4, 1975. There have also been a few mistakes in the long history of the creator of Windows and Xbox.

A collection of possible new features in Windows 11:

  • Alleged new Windows 11 features leaked on Twitter. These are features that may arrive in 2023.
  • According to the insider, in addition to the power-saving operation, the sustainability settings also include tips for PC recycling.
  • Also, in the future, notifications should be able to be turned off with a single click.
  • The desktop may have stickers similar to stickers available in many instant messengers.

Sources: Twitter, latest version of Windows

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