E-commerce: which social networks attract more visitors and which ones are the most effective for sales

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Social media is used by cloud stores to expand the reach of their brands.Social media is used by cloud stores to expand the reach of their brands.

In addition to being important distribution channels, Social media is being used by businesses in all sectors to expand the reach of their brands and provide support to users. According to Tiendanube’s 2021 Ecommerce Annual Report, Instagram has been on the podium for both content distribution and investment in online advertising campaigns and customer service.

Oh sure Instagram ranks first in create and publish content (98.71%) then facebook (78.74%) and whatsapp (55.64%), the survey showed that cloud stores are increasingly looking to diversify their distribution channels. “tik tak undoubtedly is growing social network, therefore, we suggest that you analyze if your audience is on this channel so that you start investing in the production of this type of video,” they slipped into Nubecommerce Annual Report by Argentine Unicorn that provides e-commerce statistics, trends and analysis based on data from 45,000 businesses using the Tiendanube platform.

Rating of social networks used to create and publish content.Rating of social networks used to create and publish content.

Among other channels, which were given special emphasis, pinterest: a network that, according to a study by Hootsuite and We Are Social, used by 48.2% of Argentines. “This social network can be a great ally to drive more visits to your website,” they stressed at Tiendanube.

How much online advertising campaigns, advertising on instagram (74.68%) and facebook advertising (60.63%) were the tools most frequently used by the respondents. However, it has been observed that entrepreneurs have also invested in other promising platforms in the market such as google ads (22.92%) or Google Shopping (6.10%).

The most commonly used social networks for advertising.The most commonly used social networks for advertising.

Considering customer service channels, Instagram (87.62%) and whatsapp (86.32%). Despite the relevance of classic channels such as email and telephone, online chat is gaining momentum. According to Tiendanube, this diversification shows how important it is to offer every possible means of communication in order to provide support, respond to inquiries and serve customers.

Channels that dominate the service offering to the customer.Channels that dominate the service offering to the customer.

Increasing turnover in e-commerce in 2021

Cloud stores in Argentina billed 89% more last year than they did in 2020. and reached an average check per sale of $5,977. They added over 10 million transactions (25% more than in 2020) and registered a total of 38 million items sold.

That E-commerce invoicing on the Tiendanube platform reached $61,653 million in 2021. according to the report. In a study published on 47 pages, analyzed data from more than 45 thousand active businesses who use the platform for online sales in the country; and it became known that the main challenges and trends of this year.

According to the survey, out of the total bills, The three categories with the highest sales over the past year were: apparel (44%), fashion accessories (11%) and health and beauty (8%). “The opening of the segment is a displacement of Home & Garden and Food & Drink, which had a lot of prominence in 2020,” they said at the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America.

“The most frequently chosen products denote a temporary change that directly affects consumer buying preferences” (Franco Radavero)

According Franco Radavero, regional manager of Tiendanube in Argentina, during the lockdown, people have been choosing foods for home and prioritizing family consumption of staples due to having a great time at home. However, a year later, “with the easing of restrictions, the most frequently selected products indicate market change which directly affects consumer preferences when buying,” he said.

Trends and challenges for e-commerce this year

Among the main challenges and trends of e-commerce for 2022, Tiendanube highlighted various issues: omnichannel, chatbots, clever lockers and straight to the consumer (D2S).

“Consumer preference rule”: omnichannel is a strategy that the brand is present and accessible to users across multiple platforms and channels. This includes offline and online trading, social media sales or email marketing.

“Instant Attention Service”: chatbots or conversational bots Artificial intelligence (AI) programs that mimic a conversation with a customer. One of its main features is to proactively launch an exchange and automatically reply. The optimization and consolidation of multiple service points in one space, and more and more information about the typical customer they interact with, are some of the most outstanding benefits.

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that mimic a conversation with a customer.Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that mimic a conversation with a customer.

“Purchase withdrawal flexibility”: v clever lockers smart lockers which are designed to reduce the number of home delivery trips. According to the report, located at strategic points in order to concentrate product delivery during extended hours.

“Without intermediaries or directly to the consumer”: direct to the consumer (D2C) is a modality that is becoming more and more popular every day. “We propose this as a trend for 2022 because, no doubt this will be one of the important milestones“, they presented from Tiendanube. In the D2C model manufacturers are those who sell their products directly to their customers. One of the most common ways is to use your own sales website.

In these cases, the brand itself distributes its products directly. One of the main advantages of this method is that you don’t have to pay any physical space rent to start the business and get sales.

global trends

Among the preferences happening in the world, the annual report on e-commerce dedicated two trends that are starting to have a big impact on e-commerce.

1) Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

“This digital and global currency that is not regulated by any country or bank. Transactions are verified by users using technologies such as blockchain. Since it is a digital medium of exchange, its appearance in e-commerce is only a matter of time.

And immediately after that, he added: “During 2022, it will be necessary to analyze how much this trend will grow worldwide to evaluate the possibility of including it in your own online store.

Cryptocurrencies are trending as a means of payment worldwide (REUTERS/Given Ruvic/Illustration).Cryptocurrencies are trending as a means of payment worldwide (REUTERS/Given Ruvic/Illustration).

2) Purchased TV.

The idea of ​​”accessible television” is changing the way we enjoy audiovisual media. “Shoppable TV is a modality through which brands have the ability to promote the products actors use in scenes. Via QR codes that appear on the screen at certain points in series or movies, users can scan them with their mobile phone to buy, for example, their favorite character’s shoes,” the report says.

Ultimately, these trends tend to that each user can personalize their shopping experience, according to your needs and preferences, so that e-commerce is the most attractive option every day.

Argentina among the countries with the highest growth potential

“We are watching the development of e-commerce in 2022 and the coming years with great anticipation. Latin America is an emerging market that is becoming more relevant every year and accelerating its expansion,” Radavero reflected on the development of e-commerce.

Finally, he claimed that in the case of Argentina, studies show that it ranks fourth among the countries with the highest growth potential in the world. and stated that for this reason, Tiendanube want to promote this development “so that more and more SMEs and entrepreneurs can take the leap and take their business to the next level.”


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