Dying Light 2: All safes with codes and combinations of numbers (Treasure Hunt

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v Safes and vaults in Dying Light 2 exactly what you expect: blocked.

This must change, and quickly. While some safes do not have a combination of numbers (they can be open with a pick), there are several where you can only advance with the correct number sequence.

You can usually find a document with a few clues near the safes. Just in case, we disclose in this section Codes and location of safes.

Safe on the clock tower at the bazaar

Code: 5-1-0

As part of a side quest”Missing(starts in the bazaar at the start of the game) follows Damien up the tower in the bazaar, which requires some acrobatics.


At the top of the mentioned tower you will find a small overnight camp with a safe. On the wall to the right, there is a note with a safe combination attached behind a poster. She gives you a math problem: 5 x 100 + 15 – 5 = ??


The result is 510, which is also the code for the safe.

Safe at Nightrunner hideout in Houndfield

Code: 1-0-1

In Old Villedore, go to the Houndfield area and go east there. you will find one Night Runner’s Hideout.


Enter it and squeeze inside on the right side through the opening into a room with a workbench with a safe on it.

In the room on the left, you can move the closet and reveal a secret room. There you will find the code: 101.


Safe at St. Joseph’s Hospital (Biomarker Side Quest)

Code: 9-7-3

You can find this safe in St. Joseph’s Hospital northeast of Houndfield. On the map you have to get to this place:


Go around the building until you reach a place where you can climb:


Follow the above course inside, where you will find a safe. With a note from Dr. Katsumi still has a lot of puzzles ahead, so let’s be brief: 973.


Note: You can only interact with the safe if you have activated the biomarker side quest. The safe cannot be used outside of this mission.

Safe in the Treasure Hunt side quest

Code: 3-21-67

To do this, you need to complete the side quest “Deserter” (starts with Meyer in the PC Fortress) and leave Bart’s card at the end. You must not give it to Meyer, otherwise the next side quest is called “treasure hunt” No.

Ask Albert to give you the book, read it and the encrypted message next to it. This allows the message to be decrypted.

In short: go to the water tower in the Muddy Grounds area. Here is the location on the map:


Enter the tower and drop down into the flooded area inside. Under water, you will find a safe that can be opened with the combination 3-21-67.


Safe in a bandit camp in the city center

Code: 3-1-3

To the east of the city center you will find one of the four bandit camps (see photo). Location of bandit camps): thugs in the city center.


There is also a small safe that can be opened with the right combination. This is 313.

Safe in the self-immolation side quest

Code: 14-9-2

As part of a side quest”homeBandits Jack and Joe (located in the PC Fortress prison if they haven’t been killed) tell you to find the safe and get a bottle of liquor from it.

The only clue to the combination: the year America was discovered. Historians may argue about the details, but it is widely believed that this is 1492. So, code: 14-9-2.

Safe in transmission quest

Code: 3-1-4

As part of the story quest”Transmission“You must get to the garrison power plant in the southern garrison and enter it.


There you will find the next safe. It is in the room where you will also find the power supply number 2. Next to it, open the small box on the floor and take the note “Approximate Pi Size”.

This means that the combination for the safe is 3-1-4. As a reward, a container with an inhibitor.

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