Don’t redeem your Pioneer Packs right after launch!

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February 4, 2022 7:30 PM by Karsten Scholz – Anyone who purchases one of the four Lost Ark Trailblazer Packs can start playing on February 8 instead of February 11, 2022. But Founder’s Packs offer even more rewarding benefits. However, you should not activate content immediately after launch.

Lost Ark uses the Free2Play payment model, but Amazon Games and Smilegate are offering four optional Pioneer packages, which you can purchase ahead of the launch on February 11, 2022. In terms of price, you are moving in a range of almost 15 to 100 euros. The advantage of all packages: you can start three days before the official start, i.е. February 8, 2022.

Other package benefits

Depending on the price, packages can offer a lot more. A special pet, such as royal crystals for the in-game store, skins, titles, character expansion slots, and a special mount. The following trailer introduces you to the in-game benefits of the Pioneer Packs.

Lost Ark: Amazon unveils Founder’s Packs content in video

In addition, there is a 30-day activation of the additional subscription “Crystal Aura”, which gives you the following benefits:

  • Free use of Triporter (fast travel between portals)
  • Overseas airliner fees reduced by 50 percent (fast travel between continents)
  • + 1 daily relationship action
  • Natural life energy regeneration +10 percent
  • + 2 usable Bifrost slots (fast travel to saved locations)
  • Song of Return cooldown – 50 percent (similar to Heartstone, 60 minutes instead of 120 minutes)

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All good news! Lost Ark is already receiving a technology update that was announced in January for an EU release.

  • Fortress: Research time – 10 percent
  • Fortress: crafting time – 10 percent
  • Fortress: expedition time – 10 percent
  • Stronghold: Action Energy – Default regen amount +10 percent
  • Unlock “Ultimate Antistress” for Fortress training ground (Twinks “afk” level from level 50, requires high level protagonist)
  • Title crystal beneficiary
  • Special features for pets (pet inventory, remote storage, marketplace, remote mail, remote repair, redirect)

Subscription bonuses are not crucial for war, but above all they significantly increase the comfort of fast travel. Here you go Lost Ark Pioneer Pack Official Review.

Don’t redeem your package right away!

With many of these benefits, it’s important to note that once you open a character pack and collect in-game goodies, many of these bonuses are tied to your hero’s server. In other words: you can use a pet or mount on all characters on your account that were created on this particular server.

However, if you later notice that all your friends are playing on a different server, or that your game world is mostly filled with players from other countries, you will have to forgo many of the pioneer recruitment bonuses when switching servers (a source). By the way, Asta already has unofficial DE server, which many German guilds and communities want to start with. What you probably don’t have to deal with: Long lines to start like the New World. We explained why this is the case in the linked article!

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