Destiny 2: 1 million Guardians already want to steal the Light from Savathun

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02/01/2022 at 10:00 PM by Susanne Braun – The Witch Queen for Destiny 2 will release on 02/22/2022 and 1 million Guardians are already looking forward to this day – a new pre-order record for Bungie! In the trailer for the weapon, we learn more about Exo and gunsmiths!

witch queen, new addition for the MMO shooter Destiny 2, releasing February 22, 2022 (so soon!) has already broken the record, the folks at Bungie tweeted. A million players pre-ordered The Witch Queen, breaking the previous record forDestiny 2’s most pre-ordered expansionBroken. We have no idea where this entry has been before, but congratulations to the guys at Bungie!

New exotic weapons

To celebrate the day, you can admire the new weapons and exotics in a trailer that you can dive into with the Witch Queen. You can see:

  • Grand Overture – “Ball Launcher loads fully automatic projectiles”; the thing is similar to a heavy machine gun with a high rate of fire, but also some stability
  • parasite – “Chervo launcher with increasing damage”; this weapon, similar to a grenade launcher with a power slot, shoots hive worms with all seriousness. Brrr.
  • Osteo Striga – “Digging projectiles cause a poisonous volley”; If you haven’t gotten along with Dorn or Monarch yet, you can rely on this submachine gun-like weapon.

Glaive of a new type of weapon

Glaives used as melee and ranged power weapons fall into three classes:

  • Titanium Glaive: Blade of Action – Places a protective shield that looks more like a small titanium bubble than a class ability barrier.
  • Glaive Warlock: Blade of Intent – Deploys a healing turret. The warlock’s fantasy has been about sustaining for centuries and three days, and this weapon that looks like an Arcsoul (which of course heals rather than deals damage) fits that idea perfectly.
  • Hunting Glaive: Blade of Accord – Chain Lightning Chase. That says it all, doesn’t it? ^^

New exotic armor

Apparently, at the beginning of the era of the Witch Queen, exotic armor that copes with stasis is planned first of all. Honestly, this is the same time, because the real stasis-affecting exo-armor is available in Destiny 2 (buy now €29.97 ) not yet.

  • Bib: Rime-Z designed for Titans and turns a barricade into a stasis wall.
  • Gloves: Osmiomancy Gloves intended for warlocks and described as “an additional cold buff with improved search”. This is most likely due to the wandering stasis shards (which no stasis warlock can do without).
  • Helm: Fel Ranger for hunters; ricocheting projectiles deal increased damage. This protective helmet should ensure that arc hunters rotate their arc staff more often to hide behind it.

Back to Mars

Mars also seems to play a bigger role in Destiny 2’s future than you might expect, as it appears that the arsenal that will allow you to customize weapons in the future is on our solar system’s red planet.

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