After the Samsung event: the popular Galaxy series is now on the verge of extinction?

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G review

After no new models of the popular Galaxy series were announced at the Samsung event, many are now speculating that the Note series will end. However, the smartphone manufacturer is still covered.

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At a glance one could see the new Samsung The Galaxy S22 Ultra is easily confused with the Galaxy Note. Samsung’s latest and greatest Android flagship has come close to what we’ve come to expect from Galaxy Note models. It has not only increased in size and functionality, but now also aesthetically corrected. The question is, where is the note?

In recent years, the coexistence of the two series has increasingly seemed unnecessary. Initially, the Galaxy Note was Samsung’s “oversized professional” device: it promises maximum power and flexibility for those who are willing to put up with pocket size and bank load.

Samsung Galaxy Note series: S22 as a replacement?

The S22 could already be a replacement for the Note series.The S22 could already be a replacement for the Note series.


On the other hand, the Galaxy S series has always been focused on consumers. Sure, high-end cameras and Samsung’s latest display technology, but packaged in something a little more stylish. The fact is that over the years, consumer requirements have become more in line with what Samsung told us about the needs of professionals.

As a result, overlap has increased in recent generations. The latest Galaxy Note models have always had larger displays and improved camera technology, but a few months later, the next Galaxy S flagship also had these innovations. With screen sizes nearly identical and Samsung adding S Pen support to the Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021, questions about why both phone series continue to exist are getting louder.

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Samsung is keeping a low profile

Samsung has, of course, fueled rumors of the series being discontinued, though they have traditionally been reinforced by claims that there are no official plans to discontinue the Note series. The closest we came to a direct confirmation was in July 2021, when TM Roh stated that there would be no new Galaxy Note at the company’s traditional event at the end of 2021.

“Instead of introducing a new Galaxy Note this time,” said Ro, “we will be extending popular Note features to other Samsung Galaxy devices.” While this hasn’t completely closed the door on the Note’s future, the Galaxy S22 Ultra appears to have put an end to that discussion.

“Today, we look at the Note as an experience,” said Drew Blackcard, Samsung America’s vice president of mobile product management, ahead of today’s big Galaxy Unpacked presentation. “We’ve built Note into our PCs, tablets and foldables…From a device perspective, we see the S22 Ultra as the natural next step for Note owners.”

Note-off can open resources

Of course, it’s not hard to see the practical benefit for Samsung here. The ongoing crisis in the supply chain has created bottlenecks in many areas, not least limiting the production of mobile phones. Being able to focus this year on getting proper coverage with just one top-of-the-line device instead of two seems to have saved Samsung management from at least one headache.

At the same time, this paves the way for further expansion of the Note, as the branding is no longer specific to a specific phone. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 added support for the S Pen back in 2021, and it’s likely that Samsung will focus on boosting it for the foldable tablet phone, which is expected to be released later in 2022 when the Galaxy Z Fold 4 hits the market. Samsung is already touting the cross-device functionality of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: the same S Pen works on both phone and tablet, and software enhancements allow the S22 Ultra to act as a second screen for apps running on the slate .

It looks like there will be no other pure Note model with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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