Youtuber develops powerful power bank for 5000 smartphones

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01/31/2022 at 20:21, Claus Ludewig – Youtuber has built a power bank that can power more than 5,000 smartphones. The portable energy storage unit has a total of 60 connections.

Power packs are ideal for powering portable devices such as smartphones or laptops with electricity when you are away from home. Youtuber set to work on building a large power bank so that he could power as many devices as possible in parallel. The result is a gigantic memory that can be transported on wheels. On the whole he does mobile power dispenser 27,000,000 mAh, so it can charge 5,000 smartphones. For comparison: regular Power banks offer about 20,000 mAh.

The power supply in size XXL offers 60 power connectors.

With wood and sheet metal cladding, Handy Geng mimics the design of conventional power banks. The maxi version has a total of 60 power sockets, although there are no USB ports. With a large power bank, you can also charge your e-bike or control your TV, washing machine and stove while fishing.

However, transporting a dinner-table-sized power supply is cumbersome, as the power dispenser is on wheels, but rather clumsy. In turn, the Power Bank can be pulled by one person. No production – currently – planned, this is just the next project of Youtuber Handy Geng. In an earlier project, Youtuber developed a new toilet flush with a special turbo for water pressure.

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Collection for a large power bank for 5000 smartphones:

  • YouTuber Handy Geng has created an external battery the size of a dinner table.
  • The mobile energy storage device offers a total of 27,000,000 mAh and 60 power outlets.
  • You can charge about 5,000 smartphones or roll the XXL battery out onto the lake and watch TV while fishing, use the washing machine and stove.

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