Technics EAH-F70N in the test: old but venerable

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Florian Christopher

Over-ear headphones from Technics can please with sound quality. Otherwise, however, there are also some drawbacks.

The specifications of the Technics EAH-F70N show that the headphones are a bit dated.

Back in December, I took a closer look at the Technics EAH-AZ60 wireless Bluetooth headphones and was amazed – here in future zone test. After that, I also wanted Technics Wireless Over-Ear Headphones inspect.

Finally they became Equipment EAH-F70Nwhich have been on the market for some time. However, why the Bluetooth headphones failed to fully convince me is due to a number of shortcomings.

noble look

If you take the Technics EAH-F70N out of the box, you get the impression of high-quality headphones from a solid array. materials keep in hand. Matte effect aluminum surface gives the device an elegant and timeless look.

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  • High wearing comfort
  • Good sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation


  • No smartphone app
  • Inconvenient operation
  • Legacy Connectors

High wearing comfort

If you put on Technics headphones, you will quickly understand what they have high wearing comfort have. While the ear cups are quite thick, they do a good job of blocking out ambient noise and don’t slip off as easily when moving. However, the pressure is not too high, so you can comfortably wear the headphones for a long time.

This promotes fit 3D ball joint on which the ear pads lie. This allows the headphones to adapt perfectly to any head shape. Thanks to the Technics EAH-F70N swivel mechanism, it can also be stowed to save space.

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Equipment EAH-F70N

  • Colors: Brown, Silver, Black
  • Weight: 292 grams
  • Microphone: for telephony, ANC and voice assistance
  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Frequency range (with cable): 4 Hz – 40,000 Hz
  • Frequency Range (with Bluetooth): 20 Hz – 40000 Hz (LDAC 96 kHz/990 kbps)
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Play time with SBC codec, ANC enabled: about 20 hours
  • Loading time: about 4 hours
  • water protection: No
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC
  • Price: seen from 341 euros

Best sound quality

On the sound quality nothing to complain about. The Technics EAH-F70N sound crystal clear and cover the entire spectrum beautifully. Headphones are able to work with the appropriate sound characteristics in all genres.

The bass is rich and powerful, but not very pronounced. This means that there is also plenty of room for mids and highs. In general, in headphones one high sound qualityso they don’t have to hide from competitors in that price range.

Equipment EAH-F70N

No smartphone app

Despite the high sound quality, it is a pity that no equalizer available for fine tuning. This is because it is generally no smartphone app No headphone control.

The missing app also means that the Technics EAH-F70N is difficult and very limited to manage and set up. The question also arises as to how software updates should be imported – probably not.

Customization options such as button mapping, sound imaging, active noise cancellation or voice assistant, which are usually controlled through a smartphone app, are either not possible at all with these Technics headphones, or only cumbersome through any Hotkeys service.

Inconvenient operation

The Technics EAH-F70N has a power button and an active noise canceling button. Got another one on the ear cup multifunction button included, with which, among other things, you can adjust the volume. This button is also responsible for fast forward and rewind, as well as play/pause.

If you hold down the multi-function button for longer, voice assistant called on the smartphone, which can then be accessed via the headphones.

Noise canceling and ambient sound

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) works exactly the way you want it: ambient noise is largely suppressed without compromising sound quality.

It is striking that low tones are suppressed better than high ones. Light wind has no noise As a result, Active Noise Cancellation can no longer be used in strong winds.

Although it is commendable that active noise cancellation in 3 steps (low, medium, high). However, since there is only one ANC button, you always have to switch between all stages to turn the feature on or off.

Equipment EAH-F70N

Ambient Sound and Smart Pause

For interaction mode or Ambient sound modein which ambient noise is amplified – for example, for announcements on a plane or train – Technics came up with something practical.

you just put your Palm on the right earpiece, thereby activating the interaction mode. If you take your hand away from the device, the Ambient Sound Mode will immediately turn off again.

If you wear the headphones around your neck or remove them altogether, music playback stopped automatically. If you turn it on again, playback will also start. It’s a pretty nice feature, but it can’t be turned off.

Equipment EAH-F70N

Legacy USB port and plug

The disadvantage of the Technics EAH-F70N is that Micro USB connector. While a matching charging cable is included, the connection is unfortunately dated, which can make it difficult to borrow a suitable USB cable on the go.

If you cannot find a suitable cable, you can also connect the Technics EAH-F70N to your playback device with a cable. The earpiece has 3.5mm jack.

The Bluetooth standard is also somewhat outdated. Technics headphones only support this Bluetooth 4.2, while modern smartphones have already reached Bluetooth 5.2. At least another choice codecs abundant. SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC are available.

battery life

Technique gives battery life with ANC activated via SBC codec 20 hours on the. It’s not too good, but still at the bottom of midfield.

One full charge takes about 4 hours quite a long time, which is probably also due to the obsolete USB port. According to Technics, 15 minutes of charging should be enough for about 2 hours of music playback, which I can confirm.

Equipment EAH-F70N


That summary About Technics EAH-F70N is ambiguous. v wear comfort especially pleased that sound quality quality, active noise suppression works well and the package is more than adequate. Similarly, headphones have the most important features that are common in headphones these days.

Even codecs supported in large numbers, is Bluetooth standard as good as Micro USB port outdated. What I don’t like at all about the Technics EAH-F70N is its ease of use. This is mainly related to non-existent application.

As a result, all functions – if they can be configured at all – have to be adjusted using a few buttons on the earpiece. It often comes into play cumbersome keyboard shortcuts which are difficult to remember without reading the manual.

By price 399 euro (seen from 341 euros) there are headphones with much better handling. And even from the Technique itself: Recently introduced Equipment EAH-A800 can be controlled via smartphone app, come USB-C porthave a battery life of up to 60 hours and only cost 349 euros.

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