Nvidia’s Cloud Game Service Appears on LG TVs

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Nvidia’s GeForce Now app for LG TVs has exited beta, the graphics card maker announced today. Cloud game service is released in beta last November for some LG TVs and allows you to stream games from Nvidia servers purchased on stores like Steam and the Epic Games Store.

If you have a Compatible LG 2021 TVsyou can download the GeForce Now app from LG Content Store. To celebrate the launch, Nvidia is offering six free months of GeForce Now Priority tier with qualifying LG TV purchases between February 1 and March 27.

While it was previously possible to access Nvidia’s streaming service on the Nvidia Shield, being able to access the service directly from the TV itself is a much more affordable solution. Of course, it’s also a cheaper option if you’re someone who doesn’t already own an Nvidia set-top box and doesn’t like plugging another GeForce Now-compatible device into your TV.

Five new games coming to the service this week

Along with the official launch of the LG TV app, Nvidia also said it will roll out resolution upgrade option to GeForce Now. They are designed to make a difference when your streaming resolution (determined by your network bandwidth) is less than your display resolution. There are three upgrade modes available: “standard” enabled by default, “enhanced”, which provides better quality but at the risk of adding lag, and “AI enhanced”, which provides enhanced quality. best tier but only available on Nvidia Shield or PCs with select Nvidia GPUs. As well as upscaling, it can also scale down content when your display resolution is lower than your streaming resolution.

Nvidia also has some new games coming to its streaming service this week: Mortal Online 2, Daemon X Machina, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Tropico 6, and Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition.

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