Controversial change in Android 12 rolled back

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In Android 12, quick settings for cellular and Wi-Fi have been merged. However, not all smartphone users liked the innovation. At least Sony is now responding to criticism.


Android 12 contains many improvements and innovations. The biggest one is: Material Design. The new look and feel should sensibly adapt to the user, be easier to use, and feel more modern. As part of the redesign, Google has unified the mobile and WLAN quick settings, which can now be found under the common “Internet” quick switch. Many users didn’t like this because it now required an extra step to enable/disable. Sony is now leaning towards criticism.

Android 12 update: Sony once again separates quick settings for mobile and WLAN

v Android 12 update for Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III are Quick settings for Wi-Fi and Cellular are now separate again (A source: XDA Developers). Owners of two Sony smartphones can now turn mobile data and WLAN on and off again without going to a single Internet tile. That not only saves an extra clickbut also ensures that Mobile and WiFi connection status at a glance.

The update for Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III has build number 61.1.A.1.149 and includes the December 2021 Android security patch, as well as all the other new features and improvements that Google has introduced in Android 12, in addition to a separate quick release. update. settings for cellular and WLAN has:

Factory reset required

According to XDA Developers, anyone who owns one of the two Sony smartphones and doesn’t yet see a separate quick toggle for mobile and WLAN after the update should do so. Reset device to factory settings. Currently, a bug prevents individual quick settings from being immediately visible after an update. Let’s show how it works in a special topic: Reset your phone to factory settings (Android Factory Reset) – here’s how it works.

A separate display for mobile communications and WLAN should also be used on other Sony smartphones with Android 12 in the future.

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