Voyager Live 10/21: French Ubuntu with a touch of macOS

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The free French operating system Voyager Live is a very resource-saving Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 21.10 (“Impish Indri”) and Gnome 40 in the style of macOS. Like the popular foundation from Canonical, Voyager also relies on the Linux 5.13 operating system kernel and a modern shell.

French Ubuntu in style

While Voyager 20.04.1 LTS based on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (“Focal Fossa”) still relied on Xfce and thus produced a more polished Xubuntu, version 21.10 of the distribution changes to the current Gnome 40, which is mainly updated with its Shell draws attention to itself with a new application grid (“App-Grid”).

Voyager Live Voyager Live (Image: Voyager) Voyager 11 Voyager 11 (Image: Voyager)

The Avant Window Navigator (“AWN”), a program dock in the style of macOS, and Conky, a program for desktop widgets, further enhance the desktop environment and are intended to improve ergonomics and operation. With Voyager 11, a new offshoot based on Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) has recently appeared.

Narrow footprint

In addition to the numerous desktop tools and gadgets, the operating system once again brings more than 300 photographs, wallpapers and animations by freelance photographers and artists for the individual design of the desktop environment and still leaves a small footprint.

As part of a test installation, Voyager 21.10, which can be written to a USB storage medium as a live system with tools such as Ventoy and Rufus and tested safely, only took up 600 to 800 MB of RAM.

New applications, tools and drivers

Voyager has also taken over the completely revamped tool collection with Glibc 2.34, OpenJDK 16, rustc 1.56, GCC 11, LLVM 11, Python 3.9.7, ruby ​​2.7.4, php 8.0.12, perl 5.32 and golang 1.17 from Ubuntu.

With Voyager 21.10, users also receive the latest applications. Examples include Firefox 94.0 and Thunderbird 91.3 as well as the free office suite LibreOffice 7.2.2 and the powerful image processing program GIMP 20.10.28.

Wine, Steam and Lutris as well as suitable graphics drivers for AMD, Intel and Nvidia are still available for playing under Linux, all of which have been upgraded to the latest versions.

Further information is provided by the official Release Notes to Voyager Live 21.10.

Voyager Live 21.10 is available for download

The 2.9 GB and on AMD64 optimized system image of Voyager Live (ISO) can already be downloaded from the open source platform SourceForge and tried out both as a live system and as a local installation.

The German-speaking YouTube channel of “MichlFranken“Introduces the operating system in detail using version 20.04 LTS.

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