Two weeks late: Fedora 35 with Gnome 41 is officially released today

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With a delay of two weeks, the Fedora 35 with Gnome 41, which was previously announced as planned for October 19, will only officially appear today. In addition to the three well-known offshoots “Workstation”, “Server” and “IoT” as well as the experimental derivative “Silverblue”, the spin “Kinoite” with KDE Plasma is also appearing for the first time.

“Fedora Kinoite” relies on KDE Plasma 5 as a desktop and acts as a counterpart to the experimental “Silverblue”, which focuses on the future of distribution. In addition, the operating system will also appear as Fedora 35 CoreOS, an automatically updating, extremely compact, container-focused derivative of the Linux distribution.

Updates for Nvidia, Wayland and Flatpak

Among other things, the support for the Nvidia graphics driver using the free display server protocol designed for Linux and BSD has been improved Wayland and the integration of the Linux package management Flatpak via the open app store Flathub into the Gnome Software tool.

Like the website Linux News reports, the session manager WirePlumber will be added to the PipeWire sound server and the integration of third-party repositories will be made easier with the new fedora-third-party package.

In addition, the known programs and tools are upgraded to the latest versions. The GNU toolchain is updated to gcc 11, glibc 2.34, binutils 2.37 and gdb 10.2.

Download during the day

The system images of Fedora 35 Workstation, Fedora 35 Server, Fedora 35 IoT as well as Silverblue and Kinoite are expected during the day and then linked by the editorial team, including the corresponding release notes.

Further information and a preview of the upcoming release of Fedora 35 can be found in the official Fedora magazine.

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