Telekom Indoor Booster 5G: Amplifier to improve reception in buildings

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Telekom Indoor Booster 5G: Amplifier to improve reception in buildings

Image: Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom wants to improve 5G mobile reception within buildings and, after checking, is now offering its private customers the “Indoor Booster 5G” for rent. Bavaria was chosen as the first action area at the start.

Deutsche Telekom has been experimenting with a repeater for 5G and LTE signals since the beginning of last year. Deutsche Telekom customers were able to apply for a test with the repeater as part of a pilot project scheduled for the second quarter of 2020. A dual-band repeater amplifies the mobile radio signal received via an external antenna for use inside the building. The network provider wanted to test the repeater with 200 testers as part of the pilot project. The system was developed in cooperation with the South Korean SK Telecom, which has already been able to gain experience with it indoors.

Starting shot for Bavaria

Apparently, the pilot project has been successfully completed to the extent that sales are now being started within a first federal state. In Bavaria, customers can get their Express interest in the amplifier. But the system cannot be simply bought in the store and installed by yourself, which is mainly due to legal reasons.

Telekom is the operator of the repeater

The repeater is offered for rent by Deutsche Telekom for 19.95 euros per month and always remains the property of the network operator. In addition, there is a one-off travel and installation fee of EUR 139.90 and shipping costs of EUR 6.95. The company explains that ownership cannot be transferred to the customer because the system is reproducing a cellular signal and that Telekom must therefore remain the operator. The company is also responsible for the operation and must ensure that the radio signal does not cause interference in the cellular network.

  • Later construction of the repeater

    Later construction of the repeater (Image: Deutsche Telekom)

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    A consultant gives the approval

    Interested parties from Bavaria can Check the availability of the “Indoor Booster 5G” based on your place of residence, street and house number on a website set up for this purpose. In the further course of the consultation, together with the “Repeater Special Team at Telekom”, it is checked whether this is the optimal solution for the needs or whether there are alternatives. This advice is non-binding and free of charge for the interested party. If the product is found to be the optimal solution, the consultant can commission the repeater immediately. The prerequisite is the outdoor supply with 5G or LTE and, according to Telekom, the signal in the building can be as good as the signal outside. If you do not own a building yourself, you also need a corresponding approval for the installation of the external antenna.

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