Skiller SGK50 S4: hot-swap button in an inexpensive 60 percent layout

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Skiller SGK50 S4: hot-swap button in an inexpensive 60 percent layout

Image: Sharkoon

Sharkoon now offers a minimalist keyboard with a 60 percent layout. In terms of price, the keyboard beats the competition from major brands. In addition, there are hot-swappable buttons that can be exchanged for a whole range of compatible alternatives without soldering bumps.

The SGK50 is delivered with a standard range of buttons. Either Kailh Red, Brown or Blue are available. Sharkoon allows you to choose between no, gentle and a very clear pressure point.

The buttons can be exchanged with the aid of the pliers supplied, which attach to the side of the button housing. Since Kailh, like most suppliers, is based on the Cherry MX model when designing the buttons, models from Gateron and Co. can also be installed in addition to MX models. All that is important is a 3 or 5 pin connection to the PCB. The manufacturer places the circuit board in foam mats to reduce noise.

In addition to the keyboard, Sharkoon itself also sells sets with 35 buttons each, with which around half of all the SGK50 buttons can be replaced. Kailh Box or Gateron Cap Milky Yellow cost € 12.90 as a set, Gateron Pro buttons € 9.90. But the selection does not end there: sets from other providers are now comparatively readily available in the range of large online retailers, so that a detour via Ebay, Aliexpress or specialized shops and imports is no longer necessary.

  • Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4

    Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4 (Image: Sharkoon)

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    As a minimal keyboard, the SGK50 removes the number block, arrow keys, F-keys and control keys. The functions of the canceled keys are saved as an FN combination. The volume and background lighting can also be controlled using clip handles, for which color and effects can be selected. There is also a macro function. On the single “Profile”, “B” and “N” can be programmed with combinations of up to 16 entries. The macros are always triggered using the FN key.

    Below the competition in terms of price

    Regardless of the built-in buttons, the SGK50 S4 costs around 70 euros according to the manufacturer. This puts it well below competitors in the gaming sector such as the Razer Huntsman Mini (test), but still a league above 60 percent keyboards in the noname league, which are sold directly via online marketplaces and can be valid alternatives . For everyday use, however, a minimal layout can quickly become unwieldy. 65 percent variants such as the Ducky One 2 SF (test) are hardly larger, but much more universal.

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