Peer-to-peer: Nextcloud backup app starts in beta

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Peer-to-peer: Nextcloud backup app starts in beta

Image: Nextcloud

Nextcloud has announced the start of the beta phase of its peer-to-peer app “Nextcloud Backup” for compressed and encrypted backups, which is now available for everyone to test. The app is designed to be as easy to use as possible and will appear later with Nextcloud 23.

Nextcloud Backup can be tried out

Like the Linux editor Ferdinand Thommes, who is also known from ComputerBase, via the website was the first to report, the first beta is already in Nextcloud Appstore ready for download.

This is what the peer-to-peer app “Nextcloud Backup” can do:

  • Store backups on another Nextcloud server. The other server can but doesn’t have to have the backup app installed
  • Store backups on external storage, like FTP, SMB, WebDAV or any other Nextcloud-supported protocol. You can also store them on a local drive, like an USB drive attached to your server!
  • Do manual and / or automatic, scheduled backups in time slots you can configure.
  • Store the entire Nextcloud installation, including configuration, apps and their data. Note: non-local data, including external storage, is NOT backed-up. Maybe a feature for the future!
  • Do incremental or full backups in the background (short maintenance mode needed)
  • Do optional (but recommended and enabled by default) compression and encryption.
  • Export encryption key and other configuration information to a file or clipboard for safe-keeping.
  • Give notifications in the Activities app about backup activity.
  • Exclude folders from backup if you add a .nobackup file in the folder.
  • Be controlled by the command line to search for and restore single files, initiate full restore, or list and create backups.

Nextcloud backup features

The peer-to-peer app “Nextcloud Backup” is designed especially for users who operate their cloud with Nextcloud on their own server and previously had to use a third-party app.

  • The peer-to-peer app

    The peer-to-peer app “Nextcloud Backup” (Image: Nextcloud)

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    Nextcloud Backup enables users to regularly save compressed and encrypted backups of their own data on their own Nextcloud server. The data is transmitted via FTP, SMB, WebDAV or another protocol supported by Nextcloud to the server. The app is especially designed for private users, as Nextcloud emphasizes.

    Enterprises use powerful but complex backup solutions to provide them with the data safety and security they need for Nextcloud. For private users, such solutions are often overkill.

    Our new backup app provides an incredibly easy way to ensure that even in the worst case like total loss of a server, data is secure on the instance of a friend or family member, while of course preserving privacy through encryption.


    The snapshot of the backup to be saved is compressed in the background and then split into 100 megabyte fragments and encrypted. In the last step, all components of the backup are transferred to the Nextcloud server.

    Release later this year with Nextcloud 23

    The peer-to-peer app for Nextcloud should appear later this year together with the final version of Nextcloud 23. As Nextcloud GmbH notes, the peer-to-peer app can only be tried out with the current Nextcloud 23 Beta 1. The Stuttgart-based company demonstrates how Nextcloud works with the presentation of Nextcloud 22.

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