New World: Amazon’s MMO is losing players quickly

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New World: Amazon's MMO is losing players quickly

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Amazon’s first big game started with player records. However, a promising start does not guarantee lasting success. The flocks of players have been migrating in droves for weeks and are bringing the project back down a little from its soaring. But the game remains a success.

On October 3rd, six days after the start of sales, the New World servers recorded an onslaught of around 913,000 simultaneous players. On October 7th there were only 650,000 players left, to which server problems will have contributed a good part. Around a month after it was released on November 1, there remained 350,000 players, which corresponds to an average loss of around 140,000 users per week.

Points of criticism remain

A look at reviews reveals that it’s not just the bumpy start that can be blamed for the dropping out of so many players. Both on Steam, where New World currently has a good 74 percent positive reviews, and on Metacritic Grind, missing story or a weak background story as well as bugs are criticized. In addition, according to reviews, there is still a lack of variety in the endgame. So not enough has happened here since the beta tests.

Errors in particular are currently plaguing the game. Recently, for example, Amazon admitted that an unlimited amount of gold could be generated by exploiting because the chat window also executes HTML code could. Resourceful users made the game not only put spam pictures in the chat and throw other players from the server, but also distribute fictitious quest rewards. So basically gold could be fetched. Because of this, Amazon had to do every form of trade deactivateto prevent massive inflation of all prices.

Uncertain future

However, the demise of the MMO is by no means certain. Games with a service concept do not have to be perfect at the start, nor does a crash mean the immediate end of a project if its development is understood as a permanent process. Too few players are not allowed to be. It will be important to know when the migration slows down: Heavy losses in the first few days after a sales start are normal, but after four weeks the numbers should normally have leveled off.

Compared to other titles like Fallout 76, Path of Exile or Destiny 2, New World still has some buffer. According to SteamCharts, Bungie’s Shooter attracts a good 65,000 players per day, but it can also be played on consoles, which are not included in these statistics. But New World does not run the wrong way: According to its Steam achievements, 30.5 percent of all buyers have played for at least 80 hours – or sat on hold.

In comparison, New World still has many players In comparison, New World still has many players (Image: SteamCharts)

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