Linux distribution for professionals: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 released as beta

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Red Hat publishes the Linux distribution of the same name Red Hat Enterprise Linux for professional use in the upcoming version 9 as beta, which can be tested by anyone as part of an evaluation copy limited to 60 days. The operating system is completely geared towards the needs of organizations.

RHEL 9 starts the test phase

After the American software manufacturer and Linux distributor Red Hat, which is at home under the umbrella of IBM, announced the open beta phase for its next professional operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5, in October, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 starts today the next but one issue already the test run for practical use in the professional environment of companies.

The following hardware platforms are supported by RHEL 9:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Supported Platforms

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta is based on Linux 5.14 and introduces improved performance metrics for the web console for the first time to better identify and analyze various causes that can affect system performance, as well as the ability to use raw data in tools such as Grafana to export.

The latest tools are on board

RHEL 9 also provides live kernel patching through the web console, a feature that will be included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5, and the ability to image RHEL 8.x and RHEL 9.x through a single build node to create. Support for custom file systems and bare metal implementations has also been improved.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta is now available – and it’s been built with production stability and development agility in mind. Built from CentOS Stream, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta delivers an easier application development experience based on a new platform with powerful capabilities.

Red hat

New tools are also on board in RHEL 9, so the professional operating system can run on GCC 11.2, LLVM 12.0.1, Python 3.9, Rust 1.54, Go 1.16.6, GNU C Library 2.34, GNU Binutils 2.35, GDB 10.2 , Perl 5.3, Ruby 3.0 and PHP 8.0 as well as MySQL 8.0, PostgreSQL 13 and Dyninst 11.0.0.

Evaluation copy is limited to 60 days

The 60-day evaluation copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta can be downloaded from the Red Hat customer portal can be obtained. The Red Hat Blog and the official Release Notes the Red Hat Developer.

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