Games available: The “Netflix for Games” is now Netflix itself

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Games available: The

Image: Netflix

Netflix is ​​starting the range of games for smartphones that the company announced in the summer in order to counteract the weakening growth and to become the “Netflix for games” itself. Initially, the games start on Android and are available to subscribers at no additional cost.

5 Games only on Android at first

The range of games is now available worldwide, with games sometimes being localized. This is automatically selected based on the language settings in the Netflix app, if available. If there is no localization, English is always used as the language. An Android smartphone or tablet is currently required, the games are not yet available in the Netflix app under iOS, but should also start there soon.

The following games are available at the start of the game offer:

  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3
  • Basketball shooting hoops
  • Joker Playing Card Card Blast
  • Billiards Teeter Up

The list reveals what Netflix says itself: You are still at the very beginning of the service and now want to gradually build up a comprehensive range of games. It can already be seen, however, that the company will, as suspected, rely on its own strong brands in order to link the range of games, series and films. In this way, users should be bound to their own platform in the long term.

No additional costs or advertising

The games are included in the price of the normal subscription. There are no advertising, in-game buyers or other additional fees. The games can also be used on several different end devices and with different user accounts within one account. If the maximum permitted number of devices on which a game is used is exceeded, Netflix will inform users – the company does not specify a hard limit. Child profiles cannot access games.

Games can be selected via the Netflix app in the Games tab, which starts the download from the app store of the respective platform. The games must then be started via the Netflix app. Some games will require a constant internet connection, but others will not and so can be played offline.

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