Firefox 94.0 and 91.3 ESR: The free browser is more economical under macOS

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Firefox 94.0 and 91.3 ESR: The free browser is more economical under macOS

Mozilla has released its Firefox 94.0 and Firefox 91.3 ESR browsers. Among other things, there is a new energy-saving mode for macOS, which works when playing videos and streams in full-screen mode on YouTube and Twitch. In addition, the resources of open tabs can now be released even faster.

New energy saving mode for Firefox under macOS

While the official release notes for users are not yet available, at least the change notes for developers can already be viewed. There are changes in the APIs and CSS as well as with regard to the development of new add-ons for Firefox. The following new features are also known from the Firefox 94 beta:

  • On macOS, Firefox now uses Apple’s energy-saving mode for full-screen videos on YouTube and Twitch. This should significantly extend the battery life, especially during long video sessions.
  • Firefox now offers a new page about: unloads, on which users can manually unload tabs without closing them in order to free up system resources.

WebGL via EGL instead of GLX under Linux

Like the development team on the Mozilla Gfx Team Blog reports, Firefox on Linux also changes the graphics stack from GLX on the backend EGL, an open source programming interface of the Khronos Group, which is also responsible for the free graphics API Vulkan.

This measure is intended, in particular, to further improve the acceleration of WebGL and to further facilitate the development of corresponding web apps. Switching to EGL for the X Windows system (X11) requires the graphic interface Mesa 21 under Linux.

As soon as the detailed release notes for Firefox 94.0 and Firefox 91.3 are available, the editors will submit these later. the Release notes for developers can already be viewed.

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, Mozilla Firefox 94.0 and Mozilla Firefox 91.3 can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message.


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