Drag and drop in the system tray: Microsoft is doing a backward roll on Windows 11

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Placing programs using drag & drop in the taskbar and dragging files to minimized applications was canceled with the switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11, but Microsoft is backing out and bringing the functions to the Dev Channel of the Windows 11 Insider Program after Christmas .

Drag & Drop returns to the taskbar

After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft had to accept a lot of criticism due to the new operating concept with the inflexible and “nailed down” taskbar and the severely trimmed start menu and is now rowing back step by step to old virtues. Like the website Deskmodder.de has learned from its own sources, Microsoft will bring drag and drop back to the start bar of its operating system, as many users have wished.

The cropped start menu and the pinned taskbar cause a lot of displeasure The cropped start menu and the fixed taskbar cause a lot of displeasure (Image: Microsoft)

As the website reports, the popular feature with the change of the current developer version “Nickel”, which currently with the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22489 in the Dev Channel already allows an outlook on the first feature update of Windows 11 in 2022, is to be added to the The next development version “Copper”, which is expected between December 2021 and January 2022, will celebrate its comeback.

Windows 11 is in a difficult position

In addition to the system requirements of Windows 11, which are not always comprehensible and have been updated several times by Microsoft, as well as the obligation to use TPM 2.0 and the still very inconsistent design of the user interface, the restrictions on the taskbar and the new start menu were the most common reasons why almost 65 percent of the ComputerBase readers who have taken part in a corresponding survey have not yet switched to Windows 11.

Are you already using Windows 11?

  • Yes, I have already entered the Insider Preview

  • Yes, I switched immediately after the final approval

  • No, but I’ll change the days to come

  • No, and I don’t intend to do that for the time being

Many of the missing functions under Windows 11 are currently being upgraded with the help of third-party apps such as Taskbar11 and ElevenClock, as the new operating system simply lacks the necessary features and on-board resources. A fact that Microsoft will correct at least in terms of the taskbar.

Drag & Drop will come in autumn 2022 at the latest

It remains to be seen whether the extended functionality beyond the Dev Channel will only be available from Windows 11 in autumn 2022 (“22H2”) or whether it will be backported to the current Windows 11 22000 (“21H2”) after successful testing.

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