DDR5-8670 with Core i-12000: New world record goes to Intel, MSI and Kingston

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DDR5-8670 with Core i-12000: New world record goes to Intel, MSI and Kingston

Image: MSI

The new world record for DDR5 overclocking goes to Intel, MSI and Kingston, who have now reached DDR5-8670. In addition, the OC team from MSI succeeded in overclocking a Core i9-12900K, the new spearhead of the 12th core generation (“Alder Lake”), to around 7.6 GHz. Before the launch of Intel Core i-12000, records are falling.

DDR5-8670 follows DDR5-8300

Even before the Intel Core i9-12900K, i7-12700K and i5-12600K usher in the hybrid era, the start of which is accompanied by the editorial team with all the details and a detailed test, the records for overclocking by Alder Lake-S are falling everywhere and the new generation of RAM type DDR5. After Gigabyte was able to achieve DDR5-8300 with its own memory modules, the memory manufacturer Kingston and MSI are raising the bar even higher today.

Based on an MSI MEG Z690 Unify X, which is particularly suitable for RAM overclocking due to its special memory topology and the short conductor tracks right next to the LGA 1700 socket and “only” two DIMM slots, and the Kingston Fury Beast memory kit, the two manufacturers achieved DDR5 -8670.

The currently fastest DDR5 memory kits come from the manufacturer G.Skill, which offers its Trident Z5 and Trident Z5 RGB series with DDR5-6600, DDR5-6666 and DDR5-7000. DDR5-6000 from G.Skill has already been in the editorial office for upcoming tests, other manufacturers will deliver shortly.

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Core i-12000 launches today

Alder Lake-S heralds the hybrid era as the 12th Gen Intel Core, while the editorial team is accompanying the market launch on November 4th with all the details and a detailed test of the new platform.

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