Cryptocurrency of the series “Squid Game” in a few hours grew by 7500% and collapsed to almost zero

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According to CoinMarketCap, today the cryptocurrency Squid, based on the Netflix series Squid Game, has risen in price by almost 7,500% in a few hours, after which it has collapsed to almost zero.

Squid cryptocurrency was registered on October 20, all coins were sold out in 1 second. On October 28, the price of the Squid cryptocurrency was $ 2.22, on October 29 it cost up to $ 3.54, and on October 31, the price rose to $ 37.6.

Cryptocurrency of the series

Today, from 8:20 am to 11:35 am, the price of the cryptocurrency increased from $ 38 to $ 2856, after which in just a few minutes the rate fell to $ 0.0008. Someone could make good money on such a frantic jump.

The crash reportedly came shortly after Twitter flagged Squid’s cryptocurrency accounts as suspicious.

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