now has video calls between users – to inspect cars online

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The Yandex team announced the launch of a new useful feature of the service – video calls between users. This makes it easy to conduct an initial inspection of the machine online. now has video calls between users - to inspect cars online

You can use audio and video calls by updating the application to a newer version. Both buyers and sellers can call, the function is free. To make a call, you need to click on the “Call” button in the ad, and then give the service access to the microphone. You can turn on the video at any time during a call.

It is noted that the service provides for the protection of users from fraudulent activities. Both the seller and the buyer may not disclose their contact details. When calling from within the application, the phone numbers are hidden. At the same time, the seller sees who is calling for which announcement: a preview of the announcement will appear on the screen, as well as the name of the potential buyer – the one that he indicated on the service.

After the call, you can continue the conversation without switching to a third-party messenger – in the chat of the application, where there is protection against phishing links. In addition, protection against spam is provided: the system blocks calls that seem undesirable for a number of reasons.

The head of “” Kirill Smoli explained: products help us step by step closer to our global goal – to transfer the purchase of a car – from choosing a model to concluding a contract – online. Already now, you can choose a suitable option on the service, check it using the ProAuto report, then conduct a video inspection and buy a car using a Safe Deal ”.

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