Apple would have lost nearly $ 10 billion to social networks

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When announcing the update to its iOS 14 operating system in 2020, Apple introduced a new feature to improve user privacy protection. Now in effect for several months, this measure has already lost about $ 9.85 billion in advertising revenue to social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, according to an estimate by the Financial Times relayed by Lemon Juicer this Tuesday.

This system called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) requires application developers to seek user consent to access an identifier called IDFA, which works much like third-party cookies on the Internet. Thus, if the user refuses, the application concerned will have much more difficulty in carrying out advertising targeting. Direct consequence: the drop in its income in this area.

A “modest” impact according to YouTube and Twitter

However, the various applications mentioned above were not impacted in the same way. Facebook was the most affected because it is the service with the most users while Snapchat was the least affected in terms of percentage of turnover. Faced with this new measure, advertisers must now pay more money to achieve their goals, as explained Sheryl Sanberg, number 2 at Facebook.

“As expected, we’ve seen headwinds in revenue this quarter, not least due to changes from Apple that are affecting not only our business, but millions of small businesses as well in an already tough time for them in the economy. ”Said Mark Zuckerberg. For their part, YouTube and Twitter have ensured that the impact of this measure had been “modest” on their income.

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