4Players: Video game magazine continues with a new editorial team

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The video game magazine 4players had been active since May 2000 and had actually ceased editorial operations on October 31. Now the website is continuing with a new editorial team under the well-known name. How, where, when and in which constellation this will take place remains to be seen for the time being.

New editorial office takes over under the old name

For the well-known video game magazine, which, according to its own information, wrote over 14,500 reports, posted around 220,000 news online and published more than 60,000 videos between May 2000 and October 2021, according to a statement on its own account, “Interested parties for continued operation“Of the gaming portal. The website “take off into the future of gaming“, Even if this process”not yet finished” may be.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you gave the portal up to the last day. Your loyalty, devotion and close connection to the site was not only noticed positively.

Accordingly, we are extremely pleased to be able to inform you that there are several interested parties for the continued operation of the 4Players.de portal in order to start the future of gaming with you. Even if we can already see the finish line, the process is not yet fully completed.

That’s why we can’t say much more about it at the moment, but we will express ourselves fully as soon as possible and ask you to refrain from questions and speculations until then.


Also how things should go for the owners of a PUR subscription, the ad-free version of the video game magazine, should be “as quickly as possible“Clarified and customers informed accordingly.

Of course, no personal data stored by us will be passed on to the new owner without your consent. We will provide comprehensive information on this as well as on the status of the PUR subscriptions as soon as possible.


4Players GmbH was founded in 2012 by Computec Media and is a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Marquard Media Group, which operates websites such as PC Games, Buffed, Golem and PC Games Hardware that are active in the fields of IT, hardware, software and video games.

Clear criticism on social media

On social media such as Twitter, the new “4Players” is not only gaining popularity and is faced with clear criticism. Former editors such as Jörg Luibl also speak up tellingly.

The reactions are hardly surprising, because on August 23, 4Players GmbH announced that it would concentrate on its B2B core business in the future. The “new” 4Players will in all probability no longer take place under the umbrella of 4Players GmbH, since otherwise the dismissal of the old editorial team would very likely have legal consequences.

4Players will now fully concentrate on its core business such as server hosting, software development and other services. Instead of looking at finished games from the outside, we want to enable developers and game publishers worldwide to develop and operate more social, interactive and complex games by offering turnkey, easy-to-integrate building blocks for all gaming platforms.

4Players, on August 23, 2021

In another post about the short message service Twitter, Jörg Luibl becomes clearer again and indicates that he and his colleagues have already made the trip to the specialist lawyer for labor law behind them.

Because even if the “interested party” should ultimately be from another company, this step obviously offends the former editorial team. According to Jörg Luibl, he and his colleagues only found out today that the website is to be continued under new management.

Many more tweets and replies to the tweet by the former 4Players editor show that many players and colleagues from the industry show solidarity with the authors who were dismissed on October 31.

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