ZNE 01 (ANC) & FWD-02 Sport: Adidas brings three very different sport in-ears

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Adidas, in cooperation with Zound Industries, is bringing three new wireless in-ear headphones that meet the brand’s sporting requirements, but should still be comfortable to wear all day. ZNE 01 ANC, ZNE 01 and FWD-02 Sport differ in function and design.

After models such as the Adidas FWD-01 (test) and the RPD-01 (test) or the RPT-01 (test), the new models are the first headphones from Adidas that completely dispense with a cable.

Adidas ZNE 01 ANC

As the name suggests, the Adidas ZNE 01 ANC offer active noise cancellation (ANC). There is also a transparency mode, for example, to be able to perceive the surroundings while doing sports. The headphones use four microphones for ANC (2 per side) and 2 for calls (1 per side).

The dynamic drivers have a diameter of 6 mm and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The sensitivity is 106 ± 2 dB @ 1 mW (0.126 Vrms) 1 kHz. Bluetooth 5.2 is responsible for the radio connection. The playback is controlled by capacitive sensors in the earphones. ComputerBase does not yet have any information on the supported audio codecs.

  • Adidas ZNE 01 ANC

    Adidas ZNE 01 ANC (Image: Adidas)

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    Adidas states that the battery life is up to 20 hours in total, which is made up of up to 4.5 hours with one charge of the earphones and a further 15.5 hours with the charging case. Thanks to the fast charging mode, 15 minutes of charging are sufficient for 1 hour of gaming time. An ECO charging mode, which can be activated in the Adidas headphones app, limits the charging capacity to 80 percent, which increases the battery life. The charging case can be charged via USB-C and wirelessly.

    The earphones are sweat-resistant and water-repellent according to IPX5, so they can also be worn in the rain without any problems. The charging case is protected against splash water in accordance with IPX4. While the earphones weigh 4.2 g each, the charging case weighs 37 g. Adidas supplies attachments in three different sizes.

  • Adidas ZNE 01 ANC

    Adidas ZNE 01 ANC (Image: Adidas)

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    The Adidas ZNE 01 ANC are now available in the colors Night Gray and Light Gray available in stores for 189 euros.

    Adidas ZNE 01

    The Adidas ZNE 01 are not simply deprived of the ANC ZNE 01, but also differ in shape and technology. At 99 euros, they are also significantly cheaper than the ZNE 01 ANC. As half-open in-ears, the ZNE 01 dispense with silicone adapters and are only placed in the ear. So that they still hold, they have a silicone cover.

    The dynamic drivers measure 12 mm in diameter and offer the normal frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Adidas specifies the sensitivity as 93 dB SPL (179 mV @ 1 kHz). With this model, the audio codecs are also named with SBC and aptX. They also rely on Bluetooth 5.2 and a touch control for operation. A microphone is built into each earphone for calls.

  • Adidas ZNE 01

    Adidas ZNE 01 (Image: Adidas)

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    The battery life is 5 hours with one charge, the charging case provides a further 20 hours. This model can also be charged via USB-C or wirelessly and the ECO charging mode is also supported. Fast charging delivers 1 hour of playtime after 15 minutes.

    The earphones are sweat-resistant and splash-proof according to IPX4. The charging case is protected according to IPX3. The earphones weigh 4 g each, the charging case 40 g.

    Also the ZNE 01 are available from today, with Night Gray only one color is offered.

    Adidas FWD-02 Sport for runners

    The Adidas FWD-02 Sport should be aimed primarily at runners and rely on silicone inserts and ear wings for a firm hold and a breathable mesh fabric in the charging case so that they dry quickly. The transparency mode lets the surroundings penetrate the wearer’s ears so that they can continue to perceive them. Two microphones are built into each earphone for this purpose. ANC does not offer the in-ear headphones.

    Operation is via a force sensor, so that it is also possible with wet fingers and gloves. The earphones are protected against water according to IPX5, the charging case according to IPX4. The earphones weigh 5.25 g each, the charging case 44 g. In addition to four different sized silicone attachments, Adidas supplies five different sized ear wings.

  • Adidas FWD-02 Sport

    Adidas FWD-02 Sport (Image: Adidas)

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    Bluetooth 5.2 is used for the radio connection. The dynamic 6 mm drivers offer a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 100.5 ± 3 dB. Adidas does not mention audio codecs for this model.

    The battery life indicates Adidas with up to 6 hours with one battery charge and a total of up to 25 hours. They also offer a quick charge mode. However, Adidas does not mention the ECO charging mode and wireless charging for this model.

  • Adidas FWD-02 Sport

    Adidas FWD-02 Sport (Image: Adidas)

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    The Adidas FWD-02 SPORT is now available on the website can be pre-ordered for 169.99 euros, the official market launch will take place in November.

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