YouTube: You can continue to watch a video started on a smartphone on your computer

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Keep the same dynamic by changing the device. YouTube now wants to help you not lose track of the videos you watch when you switch from your smartphone to your computer.

A new feature has just emerged on the video platform. On the web version of YouTube, the mini-player now offers a thumbnail of the video stopped en route on your smartphone. The words “Continue to watch” appear on the image, reports 9to5Google relayed by 01net.

An option currently being deployed

The feature is intended to encourage users to continue and end watching interrupted video on smartphone. This is therefore a continuity option, which works equally well on the web versions of the site as it does on the YouTube app for Android TV.

However, the feature doesn’t work the other way around: mobile apps don’t make such a suggestion based on what the user was watching on their computer. The option has so far been offered to a small number of users to test its effectiveness, and will soon be deployed to a larger number of Internet users, indicates 9to5Google.

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