Xbox 2042: Microsoft fantasizes about 32K resolution and holograms

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Xbox 2042: Microsoft fantasizes about 32K resolution and holograms

Image: Microsoft

How could an Xbox be equipped in around 20 years and how high could its performance be? On its own YouTube channel, Microsoft fantasizes in a one and a half minute long video about the potential computing power, resolution, and refresh rate as well as the possible size of such an “Xbox 2042” game console.

The approximately 12 TFLOPS of an Xbox Series X (test) are not enough? Instead, how about a performance of 1 ExaFLOPS, which is currently offered by the first supercomputers that fill entire halls with countless racks – just in a game console that is 90 percent smaller than the current model?

Play in 32K at 480 FPS

The video “Xbox 2042” portrays such a vision, with which Microsoft gives a not very serious outlook on what could potentially become a reality for game consoles in around 20 years’ time. The “Xbox 2042” is to rely on quantum computing and with 1 ExaFLOPS computing power, a native resolution of 32K in the “full color spectrum“Can render at at least 240 and up to 480 FPS – and all of this of course with”zero latency“And immediate availability of all games without any loading times. Even cloud-based games with worlds so gigantic that they need their own data center should be able to be loaded immediately and synchronized with the console.

Of course, holograms shouldn’t be missing

And of course, with such a vision, the “holographic user experience“Are missing, which according to Microsoft should open up new horizons particularly intuitively and from a sensory point of view and change gaming for all eternity.

Marketing for Battlefield 2042

The video description states that there will be more than 70 titles for the new game console at launch and that there will be access to a catalog of over 5,000 games spanning four decades. Incidentally, one of the new games for “Xbox 2042” is the new first-person shooter Battlefield 2042, which makes it clear what the video is actually supposed to do. The fine print shows that “Xbox 2042” is a marketing campaign for the shooter.

Battlefield 2042 is slated for November 19th for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The release will take place in parallel, but also for PlayStation 5 and 4 as well as for the PC.

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